Easter, Christmas, Lent and Advent titles, alongside a number of gifts appropriate for all seasons.
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Image of the Invisible: Daily Bible readings from Advent to Epiphany
When you hear the name ‘God’, does an image come into your head? Do you think of him as a...
You Are Mine: Daily Bible readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day
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'Again and again, as I have sought to look into both the scriptures and my own life, I have heard...
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Celtic Advent: 40 days of devotions to Christmas
This inspirational book takes the reader through Advent to the celebration of Christmas through the eyes and beliefs of Celtic...
Journeying through Lent with New Daylight: Daily Bible readings and group study material
This resource provides Lent material at an affordable price, using material by well-loved contributors from the New Daylight archive alongside...
Celtic Lent: 40 days of devotions to Easter
This inspirational book takes the reader through the 40 days of Lent to the celebration of Easter through the eyes...
Bible Puzzles for Fun
84 puzzles - crosswords, anagrams, word searches, mazes, spirals and others - will make you puzzle over the Bible, increase...
At Home in Lent: An exploration of Lent through 46 objects
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Here is an original way of approaching Lent, one that will encourage you to consider your own faith journey in...
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The Barnabas Family Bible
An essential resource for families to share together The Barnabas Family Bible is designed to equip parents and carers to...
The Barnabas Children's Bible
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The Barnabas Children's Bible presents a continuous thread from Genesis to Revelation in chronological rather than biblical, order. With stylish...
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Lighted Windows: An Advent calendar for a world in waiting
The world waits - sometimes holding its breath in fear of what tomorrow may bring, sometimes in a haze of...
The God of My Life: A devotional colouring book
Mindful reflection on our relationship with God Doodling and colouring help many of us to be present in the moment,...
What ARE They Doing Down There?: A God's Eye View of the World, or What's Left of It
Via jokes, quips, observations and short thoughts, comedian and writer Paul Kerensa shines a light on the bits of everyday...
The Prince of Peace in a World of Wars: Applying the message of God's love to a needy world
The BRF Advent book for 2018.David Kerrigan sees the coming of Jesus at Christmas as central to the divine plan...
Christmas through the Keyhole: Luke's glimpses of Advent
Soaked in the older scriptures of the Jewish people, the songs Luke records in his inspired Gospel - the songs...
Comings and Goings: Retracing the Christmas story through place and time
Life involves many 'comings and goings', as we make our way along the path of faith day by day, guided...
Dust and Glory: Daily Bible readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day
Lent is one of the three forty-day 'seasons' in the Church's year, besides Advent and the period from Easter to...