Bible reading notes: At a glance

Wanting to start daily Bible reading but unsure of where to start? 

Looking for a change to your current notes but not quite certain of what you're looking for? 

Our handy grid below should give you an overview of each of our Bible reading notes, who they are written for and what you can find inside!.


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  New Daylight Guidelines The Upper Room Day by Day with God Bible Reflections for Older People
How many readings? Daily Six per week Daily Daily 40 readings to dip in and out of over four months.
Is the Bible reading printed? Yes, reading may be abridged No Key verse only, Bible reference for rest of passage Key verse only, Bible reference for rest of passage Yes, reading may be abridged
Is a prayer or reflection included? Yes Weekly units of 'Guidelines' to reflect and think on further Prayer, thought for the day and prayer focus Yes Yes
Is there group material? No No One question per day's reading, often used for discussion once a week No No
Deluxe edition (large print) available? Yes No No No Only available in large print.
Is iPhone/Android app available? Yes Yes No Yes No
Are whole books of the Bible studied? Yes-content may be abridged Yes No Occasional - content may be abridged No
Thematic study? Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Who are the writers? Drawn from a regular team of contributors Drawn from a small core team of contributors with the frequent addition of guest contributors who write in their own area of expertise Written by the readers, each day is different Readings drawn from a regular team of contributors Readings drawn from a regular team of contributors
Who is it written for? Those seeking daily accessible and stimulating Bible readings to deepen faith and knowledge. Leaders in different kinds of ministry and mission, those wanting in-depth study. Those seeking meditation and reflection on the Bible drawing on real life experience. Written by women, explained and applied especially for women. Written by older people for older people.
Commissioning Editor Sally Welch David Spriggs and Helen Paynter Susan Hibbins Ali Herbert Eley McAinsch
Seasonal readings included? Yes Yes Readings during special times of the year (Easter, Christmas) have more of a seasonal focus. Yes Yes