BRF supports and resources Christian parents through its Parenting for Faith ministry, helping children and teens develop a lasting and vibrant two-way relationship with God.

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Comfort in the Darkness: Helping children draw close to God through biblical stories of night-time and sleep
Sleep, dreams and the night can be mysterious and sometimes troubling. Children can be afraid of the dark, have nightmares...
Faithful Grandparents: Hope and love through the generations
There has never been a more important time to find meaningful and acceptable ways of passing on faith from one...
Parenting Children for a Life of Faith omnibus: Helping children meet and know God
Equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens. Collecting all the wisdom of titles previously published as Parenting Children for...
It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent: Creating a culture where parenting for faith can flourish
Parents are the primary disciplers of their children, but we as a church are called to be their community who...
A Prayer Journey into Parenthood
Pregnancy and new parenthood are some of the most exciting and challenging times of life, and this book forms a...
Inside Fatherhood: Today's fathers tell their stories
What does fatherhood look like in our complex world? How clued in is the church to fathers today? As Father's...