Mission explores the way churches and Christians can be involved in their local area to support and meet the needs of those communities.


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Home by Another Route: Reimagining today's church
Paul Bradbury believes that a movement of the Holy Spirit is beginning to renew and reform today's church - a...
The Word's Out: Principles and strategies for effective evangelism today
(Recent) research done by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), as part of its 'Imagine' project, suggests that 'evangelism...
A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues
Environmental sustainability is a major issue in society today. While Christian response was generally slow in the 1980s and 90s,...
What Would Jesus Post?: A Biblical approach to online interaction
If Jesus had access to the internet, what would he post? And, as importantly, what wouldn't he post? This book...
St Aidan's Way of Mission: Celtic insights for a post-Christian world
Surveying the life and times of Aidan of Lindisfarne, this book draws insights into missional approaches to inspire both outreach...
Vibrant Christianity in Multifaith Britain: Equipping the church for a faithful engagement with people of different faiths
Equipping the church for a faithful engagement with people of different faiths Vibrant Christianity in Multi-Faith Britain is an accessible...
Resourcing Rural Ministry: Practical insights for mission
Resourcing Rural Ministry offers an in-depth exploration of the key aspects, challenges and opportunities of mission in a rural church....
Reproducing Churches
This book investigates the theological basis for church planting and creating fresh expressions of church. Based on extensive research, senior...