Holy Habits: Bible reflections

These Bible reading notes have been developed to help churches and individuals explore the Holy Habits through prayerful engagement with the Bible and live them out in whole-life, missional discipleship.


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Holy Habits Bible Reflections: Fellowship: 40 readings and reflections
The Greek word translated as ‘fellowship’ in Acts 2 is koinonia. It is a word rich in depth, meaning and...
Holy Habits Bible Reflections: Prayer: 40 readings and reflections
Prayer is a foundational and transformative Holy Habit, a way of being, the breath of life.As you explore the Holy...
Holy Habits Bible Reflections: Eating Together: 40 readings and reflections
At first glance, the Holy Habit of eating together seems like an easy one. Many of us enjoy eating together...
Holy Habits Bible Reflections: Making More Disciples: 40 readings and reflections
Jesus said ‘Go and make disciples’ to the first disciples, but the command is for us too. It’s not our...
Holy Habits Bible Reflections: Biblical Teaching: 40 readings and reflections
We can explore biblical teaching on our own, and even better together. In exploring this Holy Habit, we hope that...