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Get Messy! May - August 2019: Session material, news, stories and inspiration for the Messy Church community
Get Messy! is a four-monthly subscription resource for Messy Church leaders. Each issue contains four-session outlines (one per month), including...
New Daylight May-August 2019: Sustaining your daily journey with the Bible
New Daylight offers four months of daily Bible reading and reflection for everybody who wants to go deeper with God....
Resilience in Life and Faith: Finding your strength in God
Tony Horsfall and Debbie Hawker encourage us to develop our resilience and to prepare ourselves for the challenges that life...

Encouraging spiritual growth

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Sensing the Divine: John's word made flesh
This compelling, inspiring book is an invigorating rereading of the fourth gospel by a well-known spirituality writer who has lived...
The Contemplative Response: Leadership and ministry in a distracted culture
The true self finds peace in resting in the love of God, in the peace which Jesus promises. Jesus says...
Restoring the Woven Cord: Strands of Celtic Christianity for the Church today
When they discover Celtic spirituality, many Christians feel that in some sense they have come home. As they begin to...
Turned by Divine Love: Starting again with God and with others
This book, the fruit of prayer, theological reflection and rich human experience, evokes fresh praying and thinking about all the...

Gifts for new parents

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My Keepsake Bible
Combining favourite Bible stories and prayers with a baby record book and family tree, this beautifully illustrated keepsake Bible is...
A Prayer Journey into Parenthood
Pregnancy and new parenthood are some of the most exciting and challenging times of life, and this book forms a...
Parenting Children for a Life of Faith omnibus: Helping children meet and know God
Equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens. Collecting all the wisdom of titles previously published as Parenting Children for...