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Get Messy! September-December 2019: Session material, news, stories and inspiration for the Messy Church community
Get Messy! is a four-monthly subscription resource for Messy Church leaders. Each issue contains four session outlines (one per month),...
Seriously Messy: Making space for families to talk together about death and life
When families experience bereavement and loss, it can be hard for the wider church community to know how best to...
God's Word for Messy People: 31 Bible readings and reflections
Wanting to go deeper in your journey as a Messy Church leader or helper, or are you just curious about...

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God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today? - Book Review
God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today? - Book Review

Review by Ray Vincent, Progressive Voices Issue 30 September 2019 Helen is Director of the Centre for the Study of...

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Image of the Invisible - Malcolm Guite endorsement
Image of the Invisible - Malcolm Guite endorsement

What does priest and poet Malcolm Guite have to say about our 2019 Advent book Image of the Invisible? ‘Amy Scott Robinson’s selection of daily...

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Augustine's Life of Prayer, Learning and Love - Book Review
Augustine's Life of Prayer, Learning and Love - Book Review

Review by Richard Frost If you thought that all St Augustine ever talked about was ‘original sin’ then this book...

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A Fruitful Life: Abiding in Christ as seen in John 15
'It is my desire through these pages to point you back to the simplicity of a life lived out of...
Jesus said, 'I am': Finding life in the everyday
Drawing on the imagery of the Hebrew scriptures, Jesus identifies himself as the 'I am' of Israel's narrative. Through sensitive...
A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues
Environmental sustainability is a major issue in society today. While Christian response was generally slow in the 1980s and 90s,...
Really Useful Guides: Psalms
Each Really Useful Guide focuses on a specific biblical book, making it come to life for the reader, enabling them...

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Walking with Biblical Women of Courage: Imaginative studies for Bible meditation
We're all called to everyday courage: the ability to persevere in suffering, resilience in the face of disappointment and loss,...
Rooted in God's Grace: Dwelling in the knowledge of God
Are reading the Bible and praying just a part of a to-do list? Is ticking them off each day as...
God among the Ruins: Trust and transformation in difficult times
Where do we turn when our world is falling apart?It takes courage to hope; to stand in our confusion and...