Easter, Christmas, Lent and Advent titles, alongside a number of gifts appropriate for all seasons.
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Bible Puzzles for Fun
84 puzzles - crosswords, anagrams, word searches, mazes, spirals and others - will make you puzzle over the Bible, increase...
The God of My Life: A devotional colouring book
Mindful reflection on our relationship with God Doodling and colouring help many of us to be present in the moment,...
The Word was God: Short reflections for Advent
Here is a gentle way of walking through the busy days leading up to Christmas. Here is encouragement to slow...
The Barnabas Page a Day Bible
Contains 365 illustrated stories from the Bible, a page for every day of the year. Every main event in the...
Journeying through Lent with New Daylight: Daily Bible readings and group study material
This resource provides Lent material at an affordable price, using material by well-loved contributors from the New Daylight archive alongside...
At Home in Lent: An exploration of Lent through 46 objects
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Here is an original way of approaching Lent, one that will encourage you to consider your own faith journey in...
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Towards Jerusalem: A pilgrim's regress and progress to God's Holy City
God has an agenda for cities. Steve Brady is convinced of it. The Bible is full of significant cities and...
The Living Cross: Exploring God's gift of forgiveness and new life
Explore the freeing, life-changing nature of forgiveness... As we move from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day, daily reflections and prayers...
Dust and Glory: Daily Bible readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day
Lent is one of the three forty-day 'seasons' in the Church's year, besides Advent and the period from Easter to...
The Visual Christmas Story
Colourful, creative and engaging, this picture book is the ideal Christmas gift for children and families who want to share...
Writes of the Church: Gripes and grumbles of people in the pews
What would a church magazine letters page look like if the locals just wrote what they actually thought - and...
Rules for Reverends
These 'rules' are not serious, really. Except the ones that are. Clergy inhabit a fantastic, pressurised, privileged, frustrating and humbling...