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God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today? Wrestling honestly with the Old Testament
Do you find the violence in the Old Testament a problem?Does it get in the way of reading the Bible...
Seriously Messy: Making space for families to talk together about death and life
When families experience bereavement and loss, it can be hard for the wider church community to know how best to...
God's Word for Messy People: 31 Bible readings and reflections
Wanting to go deeper in your journey as a Messy Church leader or helper, or are you just curious about...
Servant Ministry: A portrait of Christ and a pattern for his followers
Servanthood is something to which all believers are called, not just those in full-time ministry, and so understanding what servanthood...
A Fruitful Life: Abiding in Christ as seen in John 15
'It is my desire through these pages to point you back to the simplicity of a life lived out of...
When You Pray: Daily Bible reflections on the Lord's Prayer
In this updated edition of a classic text, Joanna Collicutt shows how growing as a Christian is rooted in the...
Finding God in a Culture of Fear: Discovering hope in God’s kingdom
How can we live a little more hopefully each day?Fear, terrorism, corruption, fake news… it can be easy to become...