Developing Biblical Literacy

Some of our top resources for helping you to get more out of your Bible reading!
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God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today? Wrestling honestly with the Old Testament
Do you find the violence in the Old Testament a problem?Does it get in the way of reading the Bible...
The Psalms: A commentary for prayer and reflection
The psalms are Israel's prayer book. Their origins are in many cases shrouded in mystery. We cannot be sure how...
Really Useful Guides: John
'John is my favourite book. Not just in the New Testament, nor even in the Bible. But my favourite book....
Really Useful Guides: Psalms
This Really Useful Guide to Psalms will transform understanding of the biblical text, and will help you to engage with...
Really Useful Guides: Genesis 1-11
'Each time you read a story you may gain a different perspective on it and discover new insights. Nowhere can...
Jesus Through the Old Testament: Transform your Bible understanding
Confident in the Old Testament? Enjoying reading it? Happy to preach from it? In this engaging book, Graeme Goldsworthy reflects...
Praying the Bible with Luther: A simple approach to everyday prayer
Praying biblically and with intent There is a need in today's church to relate scripture and prayer in such a...
Engaging the Word
Peter Phillips is convinced that the church in the West is not devouring the Bible or meditating on the word...
Really Useful Guides: Colossians and Philemon
Each Really Useful Guide focuses on a specific biblical book, making it come to life for the reader, enabling them...