Retired and Inspired

Retired and Inspired

Endorsement from Angus MacLeay, Rector, St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks

Retired and Inspired Cover

Wendy is a much-valued member of St Nicholas Sevenoaks. For many years she served as a Pastoral Assistant and out of that experience she has developed all sorts of pastoral insights.

This particular book should be a source of much encouragement to those in their retirement years. Through setting out a helpful scenario which is then developed in each chapter she is able to help us take note of a number of the key issues which we are likely to face during retirement.

Each chapter is appropriately linked with a different aspect of the fruit of the Spirit highlighting the attractive nature of living wholeheartedly for Christ right to the end of our days. I trust as this book is read many will be helped in navigating their way through their latter years.

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