Resourcing your leadership

Resourcing your leadership

Earlier this month we shared a prayer adapted from Lucy Moore's What's in the Bible (for me)?, thanking God for the leaders and colourful characters that influence our lives.

Because we understand and appreciate the challenges that leaders face, we've put together a list of some of our bestselling and upcoming books to support you in your leadersip, wherever you are and whatever your ministry.

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Good for spiritual strengthening

Resilience in Life and Faith by Tony Horsfall and Debbie Hawker is one of our bestselling titles. This book encourages us to develop our resilience and to prepare ourselves for the challenges that life throws at us in an increasingly difficult world.

Read this book if you want a faith that persists to the finishing line.

'Our aim in this book is to illustrate ways in which you can become more resilient yourself and help the children and adults you care about to also increase their resilience.'

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Good for the cultural climate

Electronic media, multi-parish appointments and the ever increasing stress and demands of modern-day ministry have continued to challenge church leaders aggressively. Today, many are looking for a different way of being in ministry, a better way of serving Christ than the relentless busyness and pressure that have become the norm. But how? Ian Cowley's The Contemplative Minister offers direction for contemplative leaders in the 21st century.

'There was a time where Christian ministry offered, for those who were so inclined, the opportunity to spend one’s life in the study of God’s word, in reading and reflection, in prayer and sermon preparation, and in the quiet and faithful pastoral care of a community. The world has changed...'

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Good for growing leaders

Seven out of ten Christian leaders feel overworked, four in ten suffer financial pressures, only two in ten have had management training and 1,500 give up their job over a ten-year period. At the same time, as financial restrictions affect the availability of full-time ministers, more people are needed for leadership roles in local congregations, for every area of church work.

In James Lawrence's bestseller Growing Leaders, face the challenge of raising up new leaders and helping existing leaders to mature.

'We need Christians who will lead in their home, community, school and workplace, modelling leadership that offers an example to the world that it is possible to lead well. We need Christians who will take increased responsibility in their local churches to shape the life of congregations around the person of Jesus and priorities of the kingdom, so that congregations may flourish and serve the contexts in which they are located with love, creativity and compassion.'

Second edition available for pre-order.

Good for parents

Rachel Turner's upcoming book Parenting as a Church Leader explores the questions and challenges that church leaders face as parents.

Developed alongside the popular Parenting as Church Leaders Days run by Parenting for Faith, Rachel draws on extensive research and builds a set of simple tools and approaches to help leaders and their families to flourish together.

'Parenting as a church leader brings extraordinary complexity to the very tough job of parenting. We are trying to raise our children in what feels like a goldfish bowl, with an expectant congregation watching how we lead, how we parent and how our children feel and behave... And, as hard as it is for us, we are aware that it may be even more difficult for our children.'

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