Do something, Lord! -  A reading from Day by Day with God

Do something, Lord! - A reading from Day by Day with God

Although they are crafted many months (even years) before they come to be read, often our daily Bible reading notes are incredibly apt for current events. Today's reading from Day by Day with God was one such reading - which we wanted to share with you. 

Begin by reading Psalm 119:113-128

‘It is time for you to act, Lord; your law is being broken.’ (NIV)

We usually watch the news after dinner, but every so often we take a sabbatical
from it. We hear the dire stories on the radio; the headlines appear
on the Twitter feed and embed themselves in my Facebook feed. Enough!
Politicians wrangle and squirm; some are deceitful, and some are
honest. There are nations in upheaval, in pain and soaked in blood. The
innocent languish in dirty jails. Even in the church, there are men and
women of deceit and evil intent. The environment is being trashed. When
we watch the news, we groan from the deepest parts of ourselves: it is
time for you to act, Lord!

This section of Psalm 119 reveals a heart depending on the Lord to
make righteous changes to the world’s systems and people. When the
writer feels at his weakest, he appeals to the Lord for salvation. He continually
cites scripture as the source of strength and righteousness.
We Christians are doubly blessed. Not only do we have the written
word, but we also have the living Word and the Holy Spirit residing in
us. If the psalmist could rely on God through his word, how much more
should we be able to lean close to God and find our source of strength
and salvation in him!

We have a God of justice and mercy. When was the last time you were
on your knees before him, surrendering all your deepest desires and
wishes to his will, and petitioning him for the sake of others, for the sake
of the world? I do it too rarely. He is waiting to intervene, to defend and
uphold and bring about change. The church is the people of the word,
and we have access to the source of unlimited power. Let’s lean close,
look up and cry out.

Lord, hear us as we cry out for our wounded, broken world – your wounded,
broken world. Father, pour out your Spirit, fill us and embolden us to turn
things round. In your name.

Michele D. Morrison

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