Coming up in our Bible Reading Notes

Coming up in our Bible Reading Notes

Bible reading notes

Our Bible reading notes cover a variety of themes written by a number of different contributors. Here is a preview of what is to come in our notes over the coming weeks.

Bible Reflections for Older People

While you can dip in and out of the readings in Bible Reflections for Older people, you may wish to read one set of reflections per month.

Timothy, my child - David Winter

'I hope that, as we look at these honest and revealing little glimpses into a relationship that bridged the generations, we may see how, over our lifetime, God uses our human commitments and caring both to bless us and make us a blessing. Step forward, Paul, and your ‘beloved child’ Timothy.'

Day by Day with God

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The church is born: Acts 1—12 - Claire Musters - 9-22 June

'Peter is a central character in this first part of Acts. Speaking to the
crowds – and authorities – on various occasions, he was also the one that
God spoke to about the all-encompassing work of Jesus: the gospel was
and is available to all. Let us celebrate and remember that – as well as
being open to what God wants to teach us as we delve into Acts together.'

Hearing God’s voice - Michele D. Morrison - 23 June - 6 July

'Over the next two weeks, we are going to look at some of the ways that
God speaks to us. I pray we are all encouraged to listen expectantly with
every sensory gift with which we have been blessed.'


Hosea - C.L.Crouch - 10 - 30 June

'Metaphors provoke the imagination by using one thing to describe something else: the similarities and differences between the two things make us think differently about each. Hosea is the first in a long line of Israelite prophets to use marriage as a metaphor for the relationship between God and Israel. Because of the imperfect match between the two parts of a metaphor, one of the challenges in interpreting them is knowing how far to press the comparison.'

New Daylight

Resilience - Tony Horsfall - 2-15 June

'Many secular writers note the important part that faith plays in resilience,
and I think it is fair to say that we can speak about spiritual resilience
when we are describing the strength that we may find in God to
cope with our struggles. This is the theme for these readings, and my
prayer is that you will discover the wealth of encouragement there is in
scripture to keep going through adversity and hardship, and be reminded
how faith can help us recover from setbacks and disappointments.'

Titus and Philemon: a gift of encouragement - John Twistleton - 16 - 29 June

'Over the next fortnight, we will digest the letters to Titus and Philemon,
which complete the large Pauline section of the New Testament. They are
very different. Scholars see the latter as pure Paul without a doubt, but
note signs of editing in the former common to the other pastoral letters of
1 and 2 Timothy. These letters address discipline and doctrine and speak
into a later stage of church development than Paul’s early writings.'

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