Photocopying and print permissions

Photocopying for churches

Please report to CLA Church Licence any photocopy you make from our publications. Your church administrator or secretary will know who manages your CLA Church Licence.

The information you need to provide to your CLA Church Licence administrator is as follows: 

Title, Author, Publisher and ISBN

If your church does not hold a CLA Church Licence, information about obtaining one can be found at


Quoting from BRF publications

If you wish to reproduce material from a BRF publication in another document, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Fair dealing (less than 400 words): Extracting limited amounts of text from books for non-commercial use is known as fair dealing and does not require permission from BRF. When quoting material, please acknowledge as follows:

From [Individual book title] by [Author/s], published by BRF,

Longer extracts: If you are planning to extract more than 400 words of text for another publication for commercial or non-commercial use, then BRF may make a charge for this.

Please fill in the form below and we will contact you with regards to your request.