Our range draws from the rich tradition of prayer through the centuries that continues to inspire Christians today, offering a variety of approaches to help readers to explore Christian spirituality, including creative activities, liturgy, Bible reading and ideas for meditation.


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God Among the Ruins: Trust and transformation in difficult times
Where do we turn when our world is falling apart? It takes courage to hope; to stand in our confusion...
Hilda of Whitby: A spirituality for now
Hilda was born into a pagan, Anglo-Saxon family in the province of Deira (land to the north of the Humber)...
Life with St Benedict: The Rule re imagined for everyday living
To discover the Rule of St Benedict is to encounter something that is at once inspiring, supporting, reassuring, challenging. Let...
Travellers of the Heart: Exploring new pathways on our spiritual journey
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In this book one of the UK's leading authors on Christian spirituality and personal renewal shares his own faith journey,...
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The Recovery of Hope: Bible reflections for sensing God's presence and hearing God's call
We live in the hope of experiencing first-hand the all-sufficient grace, love and forgiveness which is God's alone, a hope...
The Twelve Degrees of Silence
The stresses and strains of contemporary life leave so many of us thirsting for peace and clarity of mind and...
Experiencing Christ's Love: Establishing a life of worship, prayer, study, service and reflection
In Experiencing Christ's Love, well-known writer John Twisleton reminds us of Jesus' gracious challenge to love God with heart, soul...
St Aidan's Way of Mission: Celtic insights for a post-Christian world
Surveying the life and times of Aidan of Lindisfarne, this book draws insights into missional approaches to inspire both outreach...
Spiritual Growth in a Time of Change: Following God in midlife
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Midlife - our 40s and 50s - can be some of the most important years of our lives in spiritual...
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