Resources for Older People

BRF publish a collection of resources for those who are approaching their latter years and those who support them at this time of life.
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Faithful Grandparents: Hope and love through the generations
There has never been a more important time to find meaningful and acceptable ways of passing on faith from one...
Retired and Inspired: Making the most of our latter years
Attitudes to retirement vary, and in this book Wendy Billington draws on her pastoral skills and life experience to ask...
Thinking of You: a resource for the spiritual care of people with dementia
This book approaches dementia from a number of angles: biological, psychological, sociological, and theological. After an introduction explaining the multifaceted...
Come, Let Us Age!: An invitation to grow old boldly
In this unique book, Wanda Nash, a well-established writer on spirituality in her late seventies, reflects on growing old with...
At the End of the Day: Enjoying life in the departure lounge
An octogenarian takes a wryly humorous look at what it's like to be old in an era of the relentlessly...
The Freedom of Years: Ageing in perspective
This positive, affirming book explores and reviews the meaning and purpose of our lives. As Christians, ageing gives us the...
Heaven's Morning: Rethinking the destination
The Bible - especially the New Testament - has plenty to say about resurrection and heaven, but many Christians struggle...
Bible Reflections for Older People January-April 2022
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Written by older people for older people, these reflections are designed to bring hope, assurance and sustenance, reminding the reader...
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