Resources for Older People

BRF publish a collection of resources for those who are approaching their latter years and those who support them at this time of life.
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Faithful Grandparents: Hope and love through the generations
There has never been a more important time to find meaningful and acceptable ways of passing on faith from one...
Retired and Inspired: Making the most of our latter years
Attitudes to retirement vary, and in this book Wendy Billington draws on her pastoral skills and life experience to ask...
Come, Let Us Age!: An invitation to grow old boldly
In this unique book, Wanda Nash, a well-established writer on spirituality in her late seventies, reflects on growing old with...
Thinking of You: a resource for the spiritual care of people with dementia
This book approaches dementia from a number of angles: biological, psychological, sociological, and theological. After an introduction explaining the multifaceted...
At the End of the Day: Enjoying life in the departure lounge
An octogenarian takes a wryly humorous look at what it's like to be old in an era of the relentlessly...
Heaven's Morning: Rethinking the destination
The Bible - especially the New Testament - has plenty to say about resurrection and heaven, but many Christians struggle...
The Freedom of Years: Ageing in perspective
This positive, affirming book explores and reviews the meaning and purpose of our lives. As Christians, ageing gives us the...