Biblical engagement

Biblical engagement

Get to grips with the Bible through our author's wisdom and insight. Struggling with a particular book of the Bible? Wanting some insights for a sermon? Looking for tips to help you engage with the Bible? Look no further.

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The People's Bible Commentary

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Is Your God Too Small?: Enlarging our vision in the face of life's struggles
Job struggled, as we do, with huge questions - his own and the world's. He and his friends looked for...
Engaging the Word
Peter Phillips is convinced that the church in the West is not devouring the Bible or meditating on the word...
Jesus said, 'I am': Finding life in the everyday
Drawing on the imagery of the Hebrew scriptures, Jesus identifies himself as the 'I am' of Israel's narrative. Through sensitive...
Jesus Through the Old Testament: Transform your Bible understanding
Confident in the Old Testament? Enjoying reading it? Happy to preach from it? In this engaging book, Graeme Goldsworthy reflects...
Stepping into Grace: Moving beyond ambition to contemplative mission
Journey with the prophet Jonah... Written by someone with experience of pioneering mission, reflecting on the Jonah story in the...
The Recovery of Joy: finding the path from rootlessness to returning home
'Recovering joy involves more than following our social codes and conventions. It involves walking with God at our right hand,...
Praying the Bible with Luther: A simple approach to everyday prayer
Praying biblically and with intent There is a need in today's church to relate scripture and prayer in such a...
Confidence in the Living God: David and Goliath Revisited
Confidence lies at the heart of society, determining the success or failure of the economy, the government, companies, schools, churches...
Peter's Preaching: The message of Mark's Gospel
Do you know who wrote Mark's Gospel? At first glance, it may seem a ridiculous question. 'Mark, of course!' I...
The People's Bible Commentary - Revelation: A Bible commentary for every day
The Revelation to John is the strangest book in the New Testament. Its visions of destruction and transformation stimulate the...
The People's Bible Commentary - Galatians and 1 & 2 Thessalonians: A Bible commentary for every day
Written with Paul's characteristic energy and passion, the letters to the churches in Galatia and Thessalonica addressed different and specific...
The People's Bible Commentary - Nahum to Malachi: A Bible commentary for every day
These six prophets delivered their messages from God approximately 2,500 years ago, but their words still resonate in today's world....
The People's Bible Commentary - Hosea to Micah: A Bible commentary for every day
The six prophetic books that run from Hosea to Micah make a distinctly odd collection, from the well-known and serious...
The People's Bible Commentary - Ezekiel: A Bible commentary for every day
Unlike some books in the bible, Ezekiel contains many precise dates and even places linked to the oracles. The prophet's...
The People's Bible Commentary - Jeremiah: A Bible commentary for every day
The book of Jeremiah is one of the most moving of the Old Testament prophetic books. It reveals a prophet...
The People's Bible Commentary - Proverbs: A Bible commentary for every day
'As a door turns on its hinges, so does a lazy person in bed.''Do not boast about tomorrow, for you...