Meet the writer: Steve Motyer, Guidelines January–April 2021

Meet the writer: Steve Motyer, Guidelines January–April 2021

Steve Motyer was in Anglican pastoral ministry for some years before going to teach New Testament at London School of Theology (then London Bible College). After some years he took over the running of the Theology and Counselling course there. He trained as a psychotherapist and then taught in both areas (Bible and Counselling) until he retired in 2016. Now his time is taken up with looking after house and family, helping to run his local church, and bits of retirement teaching back at LST. He feels very thankful for the life God has given him – which he continues to enjoy.

We asked Steve about his new series of reflections for Guidelines on Mark 9–11:

What do you enjoy and value most about writing for Guidelines?
I love the challenge of digging into familiar passages of Scripture and finding whole new perspectives there. The Bible is so refreshingly new every time we come to it.

What inspired your series on Mark 9–11?
It’s actually the first of three series, covering Mark 9–16! I was inspired by the challenge of writing something fresh and engaging for each day (hope I succeeded!), but also by the incredibly engaging nature of Mark’s story. He tells it so simply, yet so profoundly.

What did you learn from writing it?
Loads of bits and pieces, but I think chiefly I saw more clearly how Mark presents the values of the Kingdom of God as at odds with the values of the world – culminating in the cross which looked like the world’s victory over God’s Son, but was really the victory of God’s Kingdom over the world.

What is the key thing you hope your readers might take away from the series?
I hope – a fresh love for Jesus. That’s what Mark would want, for sure: a deepened love for Jesus as ‘the starter and finisher of our faith,’ as the author of Hebrews puts it (12:2).

Follow the link below to download Steve's reflections, 'Mark 9–11', which feature in the January–April 2021 issue of Guidelines or buy the issue.

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