Meet the writer: Lin Ball, Bible Reflections for Older People. May - August 2021

Meet the writer: Lin Ball, Bible Reflections for Older People. May - August 2021

Lin Ball

Meet Lin Ball
Bible Reflections for Older People May-August 2021
In praise of clouds

Lin Ball started work as a trainee reporter on a weekly newspaper in Bristol 50 years ago. She’s amazed by the variety of fascinating work that’s come her way over the years, not just in the UK but in the 10 years she lived in Asia. Lin has ghost written several books; she’s worked in print and online PR communications for several Christian charities; produced a quarterly magazine for a major mission organisation; conducted radio interviews on disability; she’s been chair of the Association of Christian Writers. An MA in Creative Writing resulted in a novel being published. For over 12 years she worked as a Bible resources editor with Scripture Union.

Lin has had many house moves in her life but now lives in a market town in the East Midlands with her husband John, almost equidistant between their two grown children and three grandchildren in Cambridge and Coventry. She’s active in her local Anglican church which rejoices in the name of St Dionysius, particularly as leader of the Eco Church team, and in raising awareness on climate crisis issues in the town.

We asked Lin about her latest series for Bible Reflections for Older People

What do you enjoy/value most about writing for Bible Reflections for Older People? 

A Bible verse – ‘Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.’ (1 Peter 5:7) – spoken by a friend as I sat in tears on the number 28 bus saved my life and turned it around when I was 18. My heart’s desire was already to write and a couple of years later a prophecy sealed that. Writing which opens up the Bible to others is the most fulfilling part of how I use my gifting for God.

What inspired your series on clouds?

Clouds somehow have a bad press. Literally and metaphorically, clouds are usually viewed as problems. Yet, when I looked into the vital role clouds play in the balance of our weather patterns and the health of the planet, I found it fascinating. I also wanted to convey the value of the ‘cloudy’ times in our lives, without which we would have reduced appreciation for the ‘sunlit uplands’ and through which we often learn so much about ourselves and our faith.

What did you learn from writing it?

The complexity of clouds is mirrored by many fascinating references to them in the Bible – from passages celebrating creation to descriptions of the clouds shielding us from God’s glory, from clouds that give holy guidance to clouds that prepare us for rainbows of hope. It was a revelation.

What is the key thing you hope your readers might take away from the series?

Am I allowed two things? Firstly: an appreciation for the wonder of clouds and their place in the natural world. Secondly: an understanding that when there are dark, grey times in our lives, God is still with us… clouds are often the prelude to rainbows.

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