Meet the writer: David Cole, New Daylight September–December 2020

Meet the writer: David Cole, New Daylight September–December 2020

David Cassian Cole, or Brother Cassian, is the Founder and Executive Director of Waymark Ministries CIC. He is an international spiritual teacher and retreat leader; he has lectured in Christian and Bible Colleges; he is an award winning author of seven books including Celtic Lent, Celtic Advent, The Celtic Year and Celtic Saints for BRF. He is the UK 'Deputy Guardian' for The Community of Aidan and Hilda - a globally dispersed Celtic New Monastic Community.

We asked David about his new series of reflections, 'A Celtic Advent', for New Daylight:

What do you enjoy and value most about writing for New Daylight?
I love having the opportunity to share with others what I have gained on my own journey. I believe that the deep insights of the Divine to each of us and the experiences which we have as we walk the unfolding path of life can encourage and uplift others. My role as a spiritual teacher is not to give people more information, but to use the information and experience I have within me to help reveal the truths which already reside in each of us; to guide people into opening their eyes to the Divine presence surrounding them, and saturating them; and the Divine essence of and in their inner being.

What inspired your series on A Celtic Advent?
Advent is one of the most wonder filled times of the year, but often we can become over familiar with the repeated patterns each year. Celtic Christianity has some beautiful aspects and perspectives to it which can bring a little something extra to our belief, including to our journey through Advent. Following the publication of my book Celtic Advent, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to edit and adjust those thoughts into the daily devotions found in New Daylight.

What did you learn from writing it?
One of the things which I was reminded as I produced the teaching for New Daylight was that the most important aspect of communication and teaching is not what the teacher says, but that the hearer/reader must understand what the teacher is saying. I was reminded that semantics must sometimes be explained so that the reader can grasp fully what is being taught.

If the hearer/reader does not understand what is being said, the teacher is not teaching, only confusing. Very important for us all to remember, even when we are just sharing our faith with our friends!

What is the key thing you hope your readers might take away from the series?
The key thing for me is that folk are filled with new wonder for this most wonder full time of year; that folk are newly inspired and enthused about the importance of Advent, remembering that is not just the run up to Christmas, but a significant and important period itself; and maybe folk will also be inspired to seek out more about Celtic Christianity.

You can find David's reflections, 'A Celtic Advent', in the September–December 2020 issues of New Daylight and New Daylight Deluxe.

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