Meet Iris - BRF Marketing Officer

Meet Iris - BRF Marketing Officer

I’m Iris and I’ve joined BRF as Marketing Officer to cover Judith Moore’s secondment. I’ll be here for a year, doing marketing activities and managing BRFonline.

I’m a Christian: I attend the Abbey Baptist Church just down the road from BRF’s office. I’m really into crafts and my husband and I make soaps and other skincare products at home. I also love going to the gym and keeping fit and active – this includes trying to keep up with my two terriers, Alfie and Winston.

Abingdon is pretty much my hometown. I was born in the Philippines and came to the UK with my mum just before my second birthday. We settled here and although I lived with my grandparents for a while that was always in Abingdon. I went to the local primary school and secondary schools and now I’m working in the same organisation as one of my primary school teaching assistants – I find it really weird calling her Claire and not Miss Proudman!

After school I went to the University of Brighton to study International Event Management. I was based in Eastbourne, which had this interesting demographic mix of students and retirees. I became a Christian towards the end of my final year at university, so June/July 2016, and attended Kings Church in Eastbourne until I moved back to Abingdon a few months later.

I got my first job as a result of my placement year with an events agency in Brighton and Hove. They actually offered me a part-time job for my final year of university. It was with their sister company, and I worked on marketing for the Brighton and Hove Triathlon and The Sport and Fitness show. That was when I first got interested in fitness, though I have to confess I didn’t actually do the triathlon!

So, I worked part-time through my final year and then I moved back to Abingdon in September 2016 to start a Master’s in Marketing at Oxford Brookes University. During my time at Brookes I was working for a vintage car club, which was really exciting. We did lots of events up-and-down the country and I was doing all the marketing for those.

Lots of things appealed to me about this new BRF job! I wasn’t actively looking for a job at the time but a lady in my church knew my position and knew that at some point I would be looking for a job. She texted me the job description and I really felt it was a God-thing. I hadn’t been looking, but here was a job that seemed to be everything I wanted: it was in my hometown so I can cycle to work, which is a really big bonus for me; I wanted to work for a Christian organisation. It’s been on my heart for a long time, this desire to find work to serve the Kingdom – so that was probably the biggest thing for me. But the role sounds really exciting: I’m really into books and reading so I’m looking forward to getting into that world a bit more.

What I’m most looking forward to – if I’m completely honest – is just serving the Kingdom. I’m looking forward to using the skillset that I have to help Christians and other people. I think if you have a skillset and you’re good at certain things that could help others develop their faith, then you should use those skills and gifts in that way. So I’m looking forward to seeing how I can contribute towards that.

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