God’s ‘Good Call’

God’s ‘Good Call’

God’s ‘Good Call’ to do something useful?

Everybody makes decisions all the time, but could you expect God to share with you his will and purpose, giving you clues and directions for decision-making in a way you can understand?

As they tackle this complex subject in a highly accessible way, we learn from authors Iain Dunbar and Peter Wilkinson all sorts of practical examples of how God speaks and calls us to action at all stages of our lives. Co-author Peter, for instance, describes how he chose between the ‘myriad opportunities’ which arose when he retired.

Following a professional life as a chartered engineer working in the air systems defence sector, he found himself taking up a free taster session as a volunteer in the grounds of a local manor house, near his home in Lancashire. As unlikely as it might sound, God was in the detail of this first step he took.

‘I look back at the hundreds of yards (sorry, metres) of stone paths we have laid, the steps installed up the mount, the old boathouse discovered and reclaimed, the kitchen garden created, the formal gardens restored, and many bridges, weirs and drains built.’


‘There have been so many God instances while I have been there that I know it was the right place to be rubbing shoulders with the world and his dog.’

Peter is also actively involved in local Baptist churches in senior leadership roles including preaching, teaching and worship leading. He features in a recent BRF article.

‘We come to the conclusion that the key to a sound decision is reaching a consensus with God which grows out of a living relationship with him’ - Peter Wilkinson

Find out more about this new BRF book by Iain Dunbar and Peter Wilkinson, Good Call: learning to make decisions with God 

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