Finding God in a Culture of Fear - Book Review

Finding God in a Culture of Fear - Book Review

Finding God in a Culture of Fear

Finding God in a Culture of Fear. Reviewed by Dr Philip Barlow

A book clearly written from the heart and the inclusion of personal anecdotes makes it easier to identify with and understand. Stories from the Bible are made relevant to today’s challenges and problems and focus the mind on the main theme of the book which is hope for the future.

The hope theme runs through the whole book but, as the author explains, hope is not a passive process but one that requires a pro-active approach. It is not sufficient to sit back and hope for the future, hope wants and needs action to make better things to come. Hope does not just rely on the current order but having a vision can change the future for the better. Martin Luther King’s speech of “having a dream” is referred to and sets an approach for us all to consider.

Hopelessness often makes us long for the ‘rose coloured’ past but hope drives us forward and gives us a meaningful purpose. Adopting a proactive approach with a belief that the world can become a better place lessens our fear of the future. The author explains how hope can and does allow us to be more confident in recognising the potential for our own lives and the world around us. God’s presence in the ever-changing world, even if at times this is hard to see, provides the hope we need to live and prosper in a world prevailing in a culture of fear.

Read this book as an antidote to the often overwhelming and pessimistic world we live in or as a study book (and a series of reflection questions are provided) to think about in a group meeting that hopes for a brighter future.

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