Editor's highlights

Editor's highlights

Notes from the editor

A couple of fabulous new titles publishing today!

God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today? That’s a question many of us ask, wrestling with the apparent disconnect between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New.

I love how Helen Paynter addresses the questions head-on but isn’t dogmatic or slick in the answers she gives. She also takes the question apart and looks at the different ways and contexts in which violence appears. For example, describing violence and commanding violence are two very different things. There’s even a chapter on violence against animals.

Fascinating stuff, and even if the book doesn’t answer all your questions (and Helen never claims that it will) it’s sure to help you with some of them and give you some really helpful tools to continue wrestling with the rest!

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And on to Finding God in a Culture of Fear. If ever there was a book of the moment, this is it. Jo Cox-Darling describes it as a survival handbook for those of us who feel overwhelmed by the world we live in.

Using the motif of Pandora and the image of hope left in the bottom in the box when all else is gone, Jo brilliantly evokes the times we live in and the stresses and uncertainties all around us – the practical, emotional and spiritual pressures and tensions that drain us – and then spans past and present to show how God is working and how we can live a little bit more hopefully each day.

Who doesn’t want that?

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