A reflection on the 2019 women's conference

A reflection on the 2019 women's conference

The BRF and Woman Alive women’s conference holds a special place in my heart. Three years ago, I hopped into a car from the dingy student house in which I was staying and started my first day of work – the 2016 women’s conference, themed ‘Seasons of the Spirit’. You could say it was a bit like being thrown in at the deep end. I had no idea who anyone was or what was happening, but the BRF and Woman Alive teams were, of course, phenomenally welcoming (and forgiving of my ignorance). I’ll confess to falling fast asleep in the car on the way home – I was not the driver – but it was at the end of an amazing first day of work.

Three years on, we have just celebrated the women’s conference for 2019, this time themed ‘God’s Resource for Life’s Challenges’. Though the conference has moved from Woking to Guildford in recent years, and the world is certainly a different place compared to June 2016, the conference still has the essence of what captivated me that first day. I remember coming back from that June day in 2016 remarking on how long it had been since I had been in a room with that many women!

Women coming together and supporting other women has always been something I find inspiring and profoundly powerful – and it’s something you can see at every single BRF and Woman Alive conference.

We’ve witnessed old friends reuniting at each conference, familiar faces lighting up when they find one another. I’ve seen those same people, heads bowed together in prayer for one another in a quiet moment later in the day.

We’ve seen women encouraging each other. One memory comes to mind of a woman purchasing a copy of The Upper Room for a new friend, pressing it into her hands saying, ‘I’m buying you this because I really think you should start writing for it, nurturing your talents!’

We’ve heard amazing, inspiring speakers and then the next year heard how their words had an impact on the lives of people throughout the year. It’s been truly amazing to see God work with and through the conference.

But you don’t have to take my word for it – here’s what some of our attendees said:

I will take what I've learnt away with me and I feel it will really benefit me going forward with my spiritual journey.

This is the first Christian conference I've ever been to and it has been such a positive experience, I can't wait to attend more! I really feel rejuvenated after today and more confident and excited that I can learn from what I've heard from the speakers and apply it to my faith journey.

Thank you for another wonderful day. An oasis in a busy life and wonderful to have a day with other women in God’s presence. So refreshing.

This was a brilliant and inspiring day.

Over the last two years, this conference has become one of the highlights of my year… I always feel that the day has not been long enough!

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s women’s conference – hopefully, we’ll see you next year!

‘Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love.’
— Psalm 143:8 (NIV)

If you want to find out about the 2020 women’s conference, sign up to our mailing list! We’ll be announcing the themes and speakers there and on our social media as soon as we know them.

 Judith Moore - Marketing Officer, BRF

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