Get Messy! January - April 2014 (PDF Download)

Session material, news, stories and inspiration for the Messy Church community

The Messy Church team

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Get Messy! is a new four-monthly subscription resource for Messy Church leaders. Each issue contains four session outlines (one per month), including planning sheets and take-home handouts, together with information on the latest resources and events. It also seeks to encourage and refresh Messy Church leaders by providing monthly Bible studies, a column on taking time to recharge, and a problem page. Other features include a youth column, a day in the life of a Regional Coordinator and stories from Messy Churches around the world.

In this issue

Main contents

  • Lucy Moore writes...
  • Is Messy Church 'church'?
  • Stories from Messy Churches far and wide! ..
  • The Great Big Messy Survey
  • Traveller's tales
  • Reflections on the Messy Values
  • A day in the life of...
  • Youth column
  • Messy Men
  • The church that eats together...
  • Messy Readings
  • Dear Jane...


  • January: Samson - Messy hero
  • February: Our families
  • March: Messy Gethsemane
  • April: What a wonderful world!
  • Mealtime cards
  • Handout sheets
  • Take-home ideas
  • Session planning sheet

Themes in this issue

In this issue we gallop happily from the Old Testament (as we look at the very messy son and husband, Samson) into the Epistles (as we consider a very different family set-up in the gentler life of Timothy, Lois and Eunice). We take in Easter, focusing on the achingly lonely Gospel account of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and circle back to the Old Testament with the joyful eruption of praise for God's creation that is Psalm 148. There's no need to worry about the apparently wild hopping back and forth in time and biblical genres. For one thing, Messy Church is generally only once a month, so it would be hard for everyone to remember in detail what the last stage of the story was the previous month. For another, the bigger plan makes sense as you look at the variety of passages we explore over the whole of the year of Get Messy! We're helping families explore key Gospel passages, but also cracking Old Testament ones and parts of the Epistles, because we believe with Paul that 'all Scripture is God- breathed and useful' (2 Timothy 3:16)

About the session writers in this issue

Eleanor Williams is Vicar of Burwell with Reach, two villages 10 miles from Cambridge. In 2008 she started a Messy Church in Milton, near Cambridge, and was a Messy Church Regional Coordinator for two years. Eleanor lives with her husband (also a vicar), two teenage sons and two dogs, so life is wonderfully messy!

John Rowlandson was born and lives in Liverpool, is a Reader in the Church of England and works part-time in a primary school. He and his wife Sylvia help with their local Messy Church: L19. He enjoys writing poetry, painting and encouraging maximum lunacy and fun among children.

Sharon Lakin lives in Worthing, West Sussex with her husband and two young children. She is the Children and Families Worker at the River of Life Church, which has been running Messy Church since 2008. She is both nervous and excited to be starting a teaching degree in September 2013.

Kim Gabbatiss is a Children and Families Worker for the Methodist Church in York, working alongside local communities in a number of villages and two small towns. She is passionate about Messy Church and enjoys the privilege of leading a Messy Church in her home church and supporting others as a Regional Coordinator around Yorkshire.

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Authors include Kim Gabbatiss, Sharon Lakin, John Rowlandson, Eleanor Williams and others from the Messy Church team


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