All-Age Worship

Fully revised and updated

Lucy Moore

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The prospect of all-age worship can produce a cry of anguish from many people. It's time to admit that worship with all ages present is easy to do appallingly and difficult to do well. But it's also time to admit that a church which unthinkingly packs off any group, old or young, to worship and learn in another space every week could well be completely daft...

This book is for those who sense that worshipping God together is probably a good thing, but are nervous of trying to lead their church towards that vision. It acknowledges that we don't live in a perfect world - or church - and that no one has all the answers. It also argues that you are the expert for the ways in which your church can best worship God, and helps you start to find those ways and adapt them for your local setting.

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Lucy Moore is the founder of Messy Church. Prior to working full-time with Messy Church, Lucy was a member of BRF's children's ministry team, offering training for those wanting to bring the Bible to life for children in churches and schools across the UK, and using drama and storytelling to explore the Bible with children herself.


Ministry Today - Summer 2016

This is the number one book for giving you a vision and philosophy for All Age Worship. Written with depth, passion, respect, practicality, and simplicity, I have given one of these to each member of our All Age Teams so that we all know what we're aiming for. This is not an "ideas" book, although there are plenty of examples which you can pick up and use.

The first three chapters prepare the ground: "Should Church Be All Age?"; "How Does Worship Happen?"; "What Matters Most?" You may think you know the answers to these questions, but these 66 pages provide an excellent refresher. The last three chapters are more practical: "Rules of Thumb for All Age Services"; "Coping With Change"; "Planning An All Age Service." Having worked out your All Age Philosophy, you need to monitor what you are doing so that you remain constant to the vision, so these chapters provide checklists and sample planning grids (How many of our five senses are we engaging throughout this service? What different modes of learning are we employing? Do we want many little items (magazine style) or do we want to focus on one, core, shared experience? Are we connecting with vehicles for worship which have evolved through the centuries? How do we make sure that 'wonder' isn't lost amid chaos?

Each chapter is clearly laid out, easy to read and content rich. This is the go-to book if you want to introduce All Age Worship, but it also an outstanding refresher course. 5/5.

Richard Dormandy

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  • Published: 21 October 2016
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 192
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