Welcome to the Lord's Table Course Book - new edition

A practical programme for children on Holy Communion

Margaret Withers

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Welcome to the Lord's Table is a fully revised edition of a highly successful programme, used in many churches and denominations throughout the UK. Rewritten for a new generation, it has been brought up to date, fully reflecting changes in both church process and church culture over recent years. New illustrations and new content will enhance the book's appeal and usefulness.

Aimed primarily at church ministers, children's workers, parents and teachers who want to enable children aged 7 - 9 to participate fully in eucharistic worship, the introductory chapters explore the background to the question of preparing young children for Holy Communion, give guidance on preparing the congregation, training leaders and involving the family, and include a guide to using the programme. The programme itself comprises eleven flexible teaching units and is designed to last approximately three months overall, with the children receiving Holy Communion towards the end of the programme.

Each unit begins with leader's personal reflections to help prepare those who are leading for the task ahead. These are followed by sections on aims and objectives, resources and preparation, teaching, activity, Bible reading, focus on church, prayer and worship.

  • Who am I?
  • Jesus, our friend and brother
  • God's family
  • God's storybook
  • Jesus' friends
  • The glory of Good
  • Sorry!
  • Jesus is risen
  • Let's have a party!
  • Let's share a meal
  • All that I am

Punctuation points mark the journey:

  • Celebrating God's word
  • Celebrating God's forgiveness
  • Celebrating Holy Communion
  • Postscript: Looking to the future

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Author info

Margaret Withers has worked as the Children's Adviser in the Diocese of Rochester and Chelmsford for over 12 years and, most recently, held the post of Archbishop's Officer for Evangelism among Children. Margaret continues to champion the spiritual journey of children in the local church, school and community. Among her many books she is author of Fired up... Not Burned Out, The Gifts of Baptism and Where are the Children?, all published by BRF under the Barnabas imprint.


Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857464941
  • Published: 21 July 2017
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 96
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