Bible reading resources pack

If you'd like to introduce our Bible reading notes to a reading group, home group, church, or community, you may be interested in our Bible reading resources pack which contains everything you need to help your church or group towards regular Bible reading.

Each pack contains:

  • One sample of each of our five series of Bible reading notes
    (New Daylight, Day by Day with God, The Upper Room, Guidelines, Bible Reflections for Older People)
  • An overview of all of our Bible reading notes and an introduction to each series
  • Ideas to help you use the pack
  • Interviews and articles from some of our staff members and editors
  • Posters to display in your community
  • Promotional leaflets
  • An order form

Please contact us at +44 (0) 1865 319700 to order a Bible reading resources pack.


Day by Day with God May–August 2021 Bible Reflections for Older People May–August 2021 Guidelines May–August 2021 New Daylight May-August 2021 The Upper Room May-August 2021