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You can now purchase and download individual sessions from the Messy Church and Messy Church 2 books. All the downloads are in PDF format.

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Sessions from Messy Church 1
No. Session title
Aim Price Buy
1 Abraham and Sarah To see that we all belong to the same family of believers, which started with the story of Abraham and Sarah and God's promise to them. £0.99 Add to basket
2 Joseph To become familiar with the story of Joseph, to discover more about trusting God in bad times, to think about family quarrels and to explore the theme of God's rescue £0.99 Add to basket
3 Moses To tell the story of Moses and explore the theme of God's rescue. £0.99 Add to basket
4 Joshua To enjoy the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho and to pick up on the theme of 'nothing is impossible for God'. £0.99 Add to basket
5 I am the true vine To explore what a vine is like and what Jesus meant when he said these words, discovering truths about growth, fruitfulness and staying close to Jesus. £0.99 Add to basket
6 I am the light for the world To explore the theme of light at a dark time of year, both actual light and the symbolism of light. £0.99 Add to basket
7 I am the good shepherd To understand the way Jesus guides us and leads us in the same way that a shepherd looks after his sheep. £0.99 Add to basket
8 Messy Christmas To enjoy the messiness of Christmas time. £0.99 Add to basket
9 Creation To see that God is a messy creator God. £0.99 Add to basket
10 A new start To see how God gave the world a chance for a new start. £0.99 Add to basket
11 New life in Jesus (Easter) To see the way God gives us a chance for new life through Jesus' death and resurrection. £0.99 Add to basket
12 New life in the Spirit (Pentecost) To explore the theme of celebration and discover who the Spirit is through the symbols of wind and fire. £0.99 Add to basket
13 Bible mountains To see the significance of mountains, hills and lonely places for Jesus and others in the Bible. £0.99 Add to basket
14 Bible roads To explore the symbolism of roads £0.99 Add to basket
15 Bible seasides To explore the themes of seaside stories in the Bible. £0.99 Add to basket
Sessions from Messy Church 2
No. Session title Aim Price Buy
1 Love God! To encourage people to see God as a loving parent. £0.99 Add to basket
2 Love your neighbour! To encourage people to love unconditionally. £0.99 Add to basket
3 Love your world! To nurture a sense of wonder and love for the world God has given us to live in. £0.99 Add to basket
4 Christmas To overcome the problem that many people see Jesus as a tiny baby one minute and grown up and dying on the cross the next. Also to demonstrate that, in the same way that we do, Jesus went through the process of growing up. £0.99 Add to basket
5 Jesus is found in the temple To see that Jesus was young, and that he grew up to have faith of his own. £0.99 Add to basket
6 Lent To learn about the time when Jesus was grown up and decided it was time to begin his work.
£0.99 Add to basket
7 Spring festivals To cover some of the spring festivals, such as Mothering Sunday and Good Friday, and to follow the story of the end of Jesus' life and the new beginning of Easter. £0.99 Add to basket
8 The story of Ruth To tell the story of Ruth and to celebrate the festival of harvest. £0.99 Add to basket
9 The story of Hannah To learn to pray as Hannah prayed. £0.99 Add to basket
10 The story of Esther To tell the story of Esther and explore how God worked with her to rescue his people. £0.99 Add to basket
11 Who is God? To encourage people to see what God is like through the beauty of the world he created £0.99 Add to basket
12 Who is Jesus? To tell the big story of Jesus. £0.99 Add to basket
13 Who is the Holy Spirit? To find out about the Holy Spirit's character. £0.99 Add to basket
14 Messy baptism To think about the promises, especially Jesus' words, 'I will be with you always, even until the end of the world' (Matthew 28:20). £0.99 Add to basket
15 Messy Communion To enjoy a service of Holy Communion together. £0.99 Add to basket

Bible Reflections for Older People - September 2018
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