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If you have any technical problems with these apps, please contact Aimer support.

  • I purchased the app on an iPhone, and I now have an iPad. Do I need an additional subscription to access it on the iPad?

You don't need an additional subscription. However you do need to link your devices to your subscription on both machines. To do this we need to set you up in our system as a subscriber.

There are two steps to do this:

1. Set yourself up as a subscriber on the device you purchased the subscription on by going to settings (the spanner icon). Choose the option to create/modifier subscriber. Add an email address and a password and submit it to create a user on our system.

2. Open up the app on the additional device you wish to access your subscription from. Follow the steps above to get to the create/modify user page. Then add your email/password combination to link your user details to this machine. When you have done this you should have access to you subscription on both machines.

  • Is it possible to have access to my subscription to my notes on my iPhone / iPad / Android if I have paid for the hard copies?

No, the two subscriptions are separate. However, if you wish to switch your subscription from a printed or other format copy to the app, you can do so. Please contact the customer services team who will issue a refund for the remaining portion of the non-app subscription. You will then need to order the app via iTunes or Google Play.