Leap Year Spirituality

What will you do with your extra day this February? Why not take a leap of faith into your spiritual growth with our titles below.

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Experiencing Christ's Love: Establishing a life of worship, prayer, study, service and reflection
In Experiencing Christ's Love, well-known writer John Twisleton reminds us of Jesus' gracious challenge to love God with heart, soul...
St Aidan's Way of Mission: Celtic insights for a post-Christian world
Surveying the life and times of Aidan of Lindisfarne, this book draws insights into missional approaches to inspire both outreach...
Heaven's Morning: Rethinking the destination
The Bible - especially the New Testament - has plenty to say about resurrection and heaven, but many Christians struggle...
Spiritual Growth in a Time of Change: Following God in midlife
Midlife - our 40s and 50s - can be some of the most important years of our lives in spiritual...
Believe in Miracles: A spiritual journey of positive change
'If you've picked up this book I'm guessing you've got a heart for God, but sometimes life can get in...
The Recovery of Hope: Bible reflections for sensing God's presence and hearing God's call
We live in the hope of experiencing first-hand the all-sufficient grace, love and forgiveness which is God's alone, a hope...
The Twelve Degrees of Silence
The stresses and strains of contemporary life leave so many of us thirsting for peace and clarity of mind and...
Hilda of Whitby: A spirituality for now
Hilda was born into a pagan, Anglo-Saxon family in the province of Deira (land to the north of the Humber)...
Walking with Gospel Women: Interactive Bible meditations
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Imaginative meditation can be a powerful way of attuning ourselves to God's presence, involving as it does the emotions as...
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