Biblical teaching

BRF titles are designed to encourage understanding of the Bible and seek to help the reader to use and apply the Bible in daily life.

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Really Useful Guides: John
'John is my favourite book. Not just in the New Testament, nor even in the Bible. But my favourite book....
Really Useful Guides: Genesis 1-11
'Each time you read a story you may gain a different perspective on it and discover new insights. Nowhere can...
Is Your God Too Small?: Enlarging our vision in the face of life's struggles
Job struggled, as we do, with huge questions - his own and the world's. He and his friends looked for...
Paul and His Friends in Leadership: How they changed the world
The more we understand biblical characters like the apostle Paul in their specific situations and in their own time, the...
Stepping into Grace: Moving beyond ambition to contemplative mission
Journey with the prophet Jonah... Written by someone with experience of pioneering mission, reflecting on the Jonah story in the...
Confidence in the Living God: David and Goliath Revisited
Confidence lies at the heart of society, determining the success or failure of the economy, the government, companies, schools, churches...
The Word was God: Short reflections for Advent
Here is a gentle way of walking through the busy days leading up to Christmas. Here is encouragement to slow...
Whole Life, Whole Bible: 50 readings on living in the light of Scripture
Where we spend most of our time - at home, at work, in the neighbourhood - matters to God and...
God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today? Wrestling honestly with the Old Testament
Do you find the violence in the Old Testament a problem?Does it get in the way of reading the Bible...
Really Useful Guides: Genesis 12-50
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A guide to the great big family drama that takes up most of the first book of our Bibles. How...
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Really Useful Guides: Romans
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'A letter was delivered, and a legacy had begun. Over other seas, through other lands, across two thousand years and...
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