Biblical engagement

Get to grips with the Bible through our author's wisdom and insight. Struggling with a particular book of the Bible? Wanting some insights for a sermon? Looking for tips to help you engage with the Bible? Look no further.
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Paul and His Friends in Leadership: How they changed the world
The more we understand biblical characters like the apostle Paul in their specific situations and in their own time, the...
Servant Ministry: A portrait of Christ and a pattern for his followers
Servanthood is something to which all believers are called, not just those in full-time ministry, and so understanding what servanthood...
Ill Health
Whether we are going through a period of being house-bound through ill health or facing a short or longer stay...
Whole Life, Whole Bible: 50 readings on living in the light of Scripture
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Where we spend most of our time - at home, at work, in the neighbourhood - matters to God and...
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