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Bible study notes

Bible study notes are now available linked to Building up the Body.

Useful websites

Christian organisations and faith-based sites

Serve -

An initiative sponsored by Tear Fund, HOPE, CARE, the Evangelical Alliance and others with the aim of networking and sharing best practice. Offering resources, advice, stories and courses on community involvement and much more. Provides resources covering all aspects of managing community based projects.

Church Urban Fund -

Long experience in supporting church-run community projects. Provides a comprehensive online resource covering all aspects of project management and much more.

Faith in Action

A resource pack produced by Derby Diocese, 2008 Download it for free from

Time for God -

Arranges placements for young people in churches.

Faith-based Regeneration Network -

Supports local faith-based social action across the UK. The website has a series of worksheets.

Volunteering England

They have some dedicated faith-related pages:

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Organisations that support volunteering

National Council for Voluntary Organisations -

Provides support and information on all aspects of management for voluntary and community organisations including guidelines on good governance. Offers online training.

KnowHowNonProfit -

Covers all the basics of running a voluntary organisation, including resources, training and advice.

Community Service Volunteers -

Aims to enable people to take an active role in their communities. Offers training and resources, with a focus across the ages and abilities.

The Association of Volunteer Managers -

Provides access to a wide range of volunteer management resources and peer networking with other volunteer managers. It is a membership organisation, but volunteers can join for £1.

Our Shared Resources -

A site containing material relating to working with volunteers, offered by people from all over the world.

Media Trust -

Media Trust is a charity providing communication training for charities, covering a range of media.

Community Matters -

The National Federation for Community Organisations offers training and consultancy; free advice and legal services; business development support; online resources; and a dedicated youth department.

Investing in Volunteers -

Offers a 'quality standard' for organisations working with volunteers. The process provides a detailed assessment of the provision of care for volunteers. It is suitable for all sizes of organisations and has been used by a variety of faith-based groups

HRBird for the Third Sector -

A useful website that provides links to many other sites with advice on a whole range of personnel issues relating to volunteers and paid staff.

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Regional groups in the UK

Volunteering England -

Part of NCVO, providing information and resources covering the whole area of volunteering, including a 'Good Practice Bank'.

Wales Council for Voluntary Action -

Represents and campaigns for voluntary organisations, volunteers and communities in Wales.

Volunteer Now -

Works to promote, enhance and support volunteering across Northern Ireland.

Volunteer Development Scotland -

Works to enhance the practice and improve the quality of the volunteering experience for the people of Scotland.

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Websites aimed at encouraging individuals to volunteer

TimeBank -

Providing volunteers with information on voluntary work and volunteering projects in the UK.

Volunteers Week -

Make A Difference Day -

'V' -

A charity championing youth (16 to 25) volunteering.

National Youth Agency

A site with a wide range of material about working with young people, including links to opportunities for volunteering:

National Citizen Service -

Part of the Government's Big Society agenda. Brings 16-year-olds from different backgrounds together in a residential and homebased programme of activity service during the summer.


A variety of opportunities for young and older people. Places young people aged 16 and over in voluntary placements away from home (in the UK or abroad) for between four months and a year. CSV's Global Exchange Programme is a six-month programme which gives young people from different countries a unique opportunity to work together and make a practical contribution to local communities.

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Institute for Volunteering Research -

For free reports, visit their Evidence Bank: bank)

nfpSynergy -

Produces free reports and presentations

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Recruiting/advertising for volunteers

There are many free outlets for volunteer recruitment including your local Volunteer Centre. You can find this via the Volunteering England website (, although budget cuts mean there are fewer of these around. Also try your local community websites.

Ivo -

Carries lists of volunteers offering their services, and also gives groups a chance to share their news.

Reach -

Specialises in professionals who offer their services for free.

Do-it -

This is a general site for people wanting to volunteer and for organisations needing volunteers and also has an employee volunteering section.

Volunteer Genie -

Advises on using the media in recruiting. Offers a free book of advice, which can be downloaded here: downloads/CleverComms.pdf or you could email them and ask for a hard copy.

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International sites

Energize Inc -

American site with lots of free 'bite-sized' chunks of information on a wide variety of topics. Has a linked site: (paid subscription to an online journal 'to inform and challenge leaders of volunteers'

Free Management Library -

A lot of American material and from other parts of the world too.

Serviceleader -

A site of the University of Texas, encouraging the study and practice of volunteerism.

International Association for Volunteer Effort -

Promotes volunteering worldwide.

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