Parenting for Faith Regional Gathering - London (23 February 2019)

St Mark's Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1EJ

Parenting for Faith

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Parenting for Faith is on the road! Join Rachel Turner and the team for one of our regional gatherings in 2019.

Our regional gatherings are for anyone interested in learning more about Parenting for Faith - parents, carers, church leaders, children's, youth and families leaders - in fact anyone who is passionate about helping children and young people make and grow their own connection with God.

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On the day

9.30 - 10.00 Arrive - grab a coffee and browse our resources
10.00 - 10.30 Welcome and introduction from Rachel Turner, Parenting for Faith Pioneer
10.30 and 11.15 Your choice of seminars
11.45 - 12.00 Q & A with Rachel and the team and ways to connect
12.15 Prayer ministry and closing worship

Seminars options

Bump to nursery: parenting to three-year-olds for faith - Anna Hawken
When our children are little, we have all sorts of hopes and dreams for them. Top of that list for many of us is that they a relationship with God, but it can be hard to know where to begin. How can we connect our children to God when they can't talk yet? What do we want to start doing while they're small? Anna will share some easy-to-use ideas from her experience as a children's pastor and everyday life with her one- and three-year-old.

Parenting for Faith for beginners - Becky Sedgwick
If you're new to Parenting for Faith, Becky will introduce you to the joy of seeing God-connected children and teens. She'll share the tools you need to help the children in your life have a thriving, two-way relationship with God that will last a lifetime. You'll discover all the different resources that we make available completely free, and you'll see how they've been used in different contexts, so that you can find what might work in your family or ministry.

Spiritually coaching your kid through anything: using the six-stage circle - Rachel Turner
Our children have to navigate all kinds of things throughout life, and we can often feel unsure where to begin or how to coach them through that. Rachel created a model called the six-stage circle, which is introduced in session 6 of the Parenting for Faith course and guides you through some tried and tested steps to do this. This powerful tool can be applied to teach any value or skill that you want to help your child or teen with. This is often a session of the course where people want to explore more examples and ideas, so come with your questions and situations and we'll work through them together.

Spiritually parenting your teen, even when all they do is grunt! - Becky Sedgwick
As our children grow into the teen years, it can quickly feel like we don't have as much influence and input as we used to. In this session, Becky will share from her own experience as a parent of a teenager as well as current research, to empower you with significant things that you can do and say to connect with them and connect them to God. Just because they're not talking to you, doesn't mean they're not watching!

Being IKEA for your parents: creating a Parenting for Faith culture in church - Rachel Turner
Drawing on her years of experience in ministry along with reflections published in her book It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent, Rachel shares some key elements that a church needs to consider in order to enable parents and carers to feel confident and equipped to parent for faith. She'll explore how we can offer parents options and help them to find what works for them, much like the well-loved Swedish furniture store.

Introducing Parenting for Faith in toddler groups, Messy Church and with baptism families - Anna Hawken
Do you have families on the fringes of your church whom you would love to help take their next step in faith? Anna will introduce how to make the Key Tools of Parenting for Faith bite-sized, so that they fit within something you're already doing, and accessible, so that they don't feel intimidating for those new to faith or just exploring it.


St Mark's Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1EJ

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