Messy Church Does Science (PDF Download)

100 sizzling science-based ideas for Messy Churches

David Gregory

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Helping Messy Church leaders use science to explore aspects of the Christian faith

In popular culture there is a perceived conflict between science and faith, yet in many ways scientific understanding can enhance faith. This resource offers Messy Churches the tools to use science to explore aspects of the Christian faith; demonstrate that science and faith are complementary; and enable children and adults alike to appreciate the wonder of creation. 100 sizzling ideas from a range of contributors provide inspiration for the Bible-based activities element of Messy Church.


  • Introduction - David Gregory
  • 1 Water - Kate Toogood
    Perspective - Alister McGrath
  • 2 Earth, stars and space - Mavis Crispin
    Perspective - Tim Middleton
  • 3 Air - Chris Hudson
    Perspective - Naomi Brehm
  • 4 Light and colour - Neil Hunt
    Perspective - Anna Pearson
  • 5 Human body - Alex Bunn
    Perspective - Amy Johnson
  • 6 Plants - Graham Hartland
    Perspective - Jennifer Brown
  • 7 Animals - Andy Gosler
    Perspective - Lesley Gray
  • 8 Power and energy - Paul Osborne
    Perspective - Hannah Earnshaw
  • 9 Transformations and reactions - Marie Beale
    Perspective - Nick Higgs
  • 10 Time and measurement - David Gregory
    Perspective - Joanna Collicutt

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  • ISBN: Download5795
  • Published: 23 June 2017
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  • Format: PDF Download
  • Pages: 272
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