Messy Hospitality (PDF Download)

Changing communities through fun, food, friendship and faith

Lucy Moore

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A practical exploration of the Christian principle of hospitality from the founder of Messy Church

In Messy Hospitality Lucy Moore demonstrates how hospitality can be practised in Messy Church and other church contexts to promote mission and faith formation, addressing the theology of hospitality and how it can be expressed at the welcome table, the activity table, the Lord's Table, the meal table, and in the home.

Also included are insights from the secular hospitality industry, how to train Messy Church teams in hospitality, audit - style questions for the reader to apply in their own context, and five complete session outlines for Messy Churches.

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Author info

Lucy Moore is the founder of Messy Church, a rapidly-growing ministry that is now in over 20 countries worldwide. She is responsible for developing the work of Messy Church nationally and internationally - writing, speaking, reflecting and developing Messy projects. Before working full-time with Messy Church, Lucy was a member of BRF's Barnabas children's ministry team, offering training for those wanting to bring the Bible to life for children in churches and schools across the UK, and using drama and storytelling to explore the Bible with children herself. Her books include titles in the Messy Church series, as well as AllAge Worship, Colourful Creation, Bethlehem Carols Unpacked, The Lord's Prayer Unplugged and The Gospels Unplugged. She also presents Messy Church: the DVD. A secondary-school teacher by training, she enjoys acting, walking Minnie the dog, marvelling at the alien world of her two teenage children and guiltily watching unimproving television programmes. She is a Lay Canon of Portsmouth Cathedral.


STAR News - Diocese of Peterborough April 2016

What is hospitality? It is not just about the refreshments we serve nor the way we welcome people at the door. It is about being generously open-hearted - as God is with us. Whilst written primarily for the Messy Church movement (it includes 5 Messy Church sessions), this book has much to say to traditional Sunday and mid-week congregations. This is not an 'add-on' for what we think church is about but something that should permeate our congregations, our planning, what we offer and how we view what we are about. Don't read this book unless you are willing to be challenged in your thinking and your practice! A fabulous book that forces us to consider the outrageous hospitality of God - and then to join in! You have been warned...

Rona Orme - Diocesan Children's Missioner

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  • Published: 22 April 2016
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  • Pages: 224
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