Messy Celebration (PDF Download)

Make the most of your Messy Church celebration time

Lucy Moore

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Messy Church celebration plays a key part in communicating God's love to the families who come along, but it can be the hardest part of the session to get right.

Messy Celebration is a resource for Messy Church teams who seek guidance or inspiration, building confidence in this area. It explores the purpose and main elements of the celebration time and equips the team both spiritually and practically, including thoughts on how the team can best function and presentation techniques for up-front leading. Different celebration approaches are considered and further resources signposted.

The book also suggests how the celebration theme can be continued into the rest of the Messy Church session and gives ideas for celebrating at home.

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Author info

Lucy Moore is BRF's Messy Church Team Leader, responsible for developing the work of Messy Church nationally and internationally. She continues to help lead Messy Church in her own church.


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  • Published: 22 November 2013
  • Status:
  • Format: PDF Download
  • Pages: 96
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