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Lucy Moore

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...a wonderful initiative which brings families together to discover things about God and about Jesus.
Dr Christina Baxter, St John's College, Nottingham


Please note: This DVD is a Region 2 DVD (however if you have a muti-region DVD player it should play correctly). If you are not able to play this DVD, you can buy the individual tracks - follow the link below.

Messy Church is a way of being church for families based around hospitality,creativity and celebration. It began in 2004 in the UK and has since caught the imagination of churches of all denominations around the world as they try to rethink how to be church for people who have little or no church connection.

This DVD tells the story of Messy Church and explores the issues it raises through conversations with leaders from around the UK and meeting the children and adults who make up the congregations. It can be used to:

  • Introduce the concept of Messy Church
  • Help a new team understand what starting a Messy Church might entail
  • Help an existing team think through some of the important issues faced by leadership teams as the Messy work goes on.

It's fun, it's colourful, it's.... messy...

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...a wonderful initiative which brings families together to discover things about God and about Jesus.
Dr Christina Baxter, St John's College, Nottingham

It's brought loads and loads of people from our community into our church building.
Charis Lambert, Messy Church Leader

Author info

Lucy Moore is Messy Church Team Leader for BRF and an Associate Missioner for Fresh Expressions, and she is author of The Gospels Unplugged, The Lord's Prayer Unplugged, Topsy Turvy Christmas, Messy Church and Messy Church 2.


From The Reader - Summer 2012

This is a comprehensive guide for those wanting to set up a Messy Church or who need more inspiration when running one already. Divided into short sessions beginning with 'What is Messy Church?', it then examines the three parts of a Messy Church session; eg Crafts, Celebrations and Meal, with each ending with three questions on the lines of what was found exciting/challenging and about what needs to be prayed for.

BRF have been careful to select examples of Messy Church from a variety of locations and types of churches, showing how the different teams can adapt according to the limitations of space or kitchen capability and to the needs of the local community. There is an attempt at answering some of the criticisms leveled at this initiative but it would have been nice to have heard a deeper discussion on the issues raised.

However there was an acknowledgement that Messy Church is, as yet, in its infancy and that questions arising out of it, regarding its future shape and how it may include some sacramental aspects, will have to be faced at some time in the future. On the whole this is a good introduction to an initiative that is undoubtedly bringing all-age communities of people together in a Christian environment.

From The Church Times - August 2011

Messy Church - the DVD explains the ethos behind this hugely successful ecumenical community engagement, through which families experience church and learn about Jesus through stories, activities, and a shared meal. Messy Church should be genuinely all-age, and include those with special needs; the DVD helpfully explains how this can be achieved through hospitality and welcome. To the potential criticism that Messy Church does not encourage discipleship, it provides an answer by encouraging an inclusive interpretation of mission as seeing belonging as a step along the way to believing and discipleship.

These books emphasise the need for adaptation to the local context, and encourage appropriate local connections. In Messy Church - the DVD, Bishop Graham Cray describes this as "exploring with the church and the locality the right seed to plant in the community". Whatever a church might feel are its limitations in all-age mission, all age community engagement, using resources such as these, can work anywhere, sharing the story of Jesus and God's love with families and communities.

Reviewed by The Revd Dana Delap

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  • Published: 11 April 2011
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  • Format: DVD
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