Walking with Old Testament Women

Imaginative studies for Bible meditations

Fiona Stratta

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The world of the Old Testament can seem remote, yet if we take a meditative approach to reading its stories, we can find ourselves connecting the people and events of those far-off centuries with our own lives. Walking with Old Testament Women follows the same imaginative, Ignatian-style approach as Fiona Stratta's well-received first book, Walking with Gospel Women.

Taking twelve women characters, some familiar, some less-known, Fiona uses monologues and reflective questions to explore what their experiences can teach us today. Suitable for both group and individual use, the book offers a gentle introduction for those who have not encountered the stories before, but can also be a refreshing resource for those who feel they know the stories well.

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Author info

A qualified speech and language therapist and speech and drama teacher, Fiona Stratta works with adults and children. The idea for Walking with Gospel Women first emerged when she endured a prolonged period of ill-health which led her to engage with meditative approaches to Bible reading.


Whilst being an avid reader of the Bible I felt led to learn more about the women I read about. Although the Bible gives us what we need to understand in the context, I felt drawn to understand or re-connect with the women I read about I suppose more behind the scenes and from a different perspective. This book was an ideal format to help me to do just that.

I could identify with these women and due to the format of monologues, which is new to me, I felt that these became more like old friends. I was able to reflect on my journey and see that, despite the years in between then and now, our hearts and minds and especially God has not changed.

It was a stirring read with plenty of food for thought and to become reacquainted with women of the Bible.

Review by Linda Cunningham

Reviewed for the Sophia Network

I am not sure about you but I have a love-hate relationship with Bible Study Guides. Sometimes I have found them to be the perfect resource for leading a small group and providing stimulation and inspiration for personal study, at other times I have found them less than helpful. I think the key is in the questions; the questions which pop up in the back of my mind provoked by the 'info blurb' and the more formal questions set out in order at the back of the chapter. Am I intrigued to delve deeper into the text; do I find myself thinking about this passage in a way I never have before; is my mind racing to find out more... or when I ask the question to a group do I suddenly find that everyone is contemplating the carpet!

Fiona Stratta's studies are based on 12 Women in the Old Testament, including some of the well known women like Sarah and Esther, and some of the unsung heroes like Tamar and Naomi and the controversial Bathsheba and Rahab. Some women she looks at once and others she takes us through different poignant moments in their journey. Each chapter has a monologue that is based on an Ignation style reflection, which parachutes you right into the world of the women; hearing their private thoughts, their faith adventures and the fingerprints of God at work in their lives. It is like reading the memoirs of a celebrity, as you hear their voice and share their thoughts on familiar stories, bringing the humanity to the forefront and helping you to empathise and relate to these women's lives. There is some artistic licence but the monologues demonstrate a responsible handling of the Biblical texts.

Each chapter ends with a plethora of questions, some help reflect on the story, some reflect on your own personal walk with God. Some challenges to be taken away and pondered or act upon in the days which follow. The questions appear to be designed for a group setting and would work best in discussion. If using this book as a small group resource you would be best served by working out which questions are appropriate to your group as there are too many questions to work through for a group discussion. The questions are rich and could easily provoke a healthy discussion but also spring-board ideas which you could then act upon so it may be that you only get through a couple in a small group setting. Some of the questions do lean towards suiting a women's group there is enough variety in the questions that it would work in a mixed group as well.

Gemma Foster, Assistant Pastor at Soul Survivor Watford

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  • ISBN: 9781841017181
  • Published: 23 January 2015
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 176
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