RE in the classroom with 4-5s

50 easy-to-use Bible-based lesson plans for teaching essential life skills

Helen Jaeger

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A practical, easy-to-use classroom resource.

Specifically written for use with children in reception class, these short, simple units focus on developing the skills and understanding required for a smooth transition to Key Stage 1.

  • Fifty 10-15 minute lesson plans
  • Outline for themed day or assembly
  • Guidance on encouraging discussion
  • Bible story summary chart
  • Index of activities

Themes covered:
Asking for help, Assertiveness, Beautiful world, Being careful, Being forgiving, Our bodies, Cared for, Caring and sharing, Celebrations, Confidence, Creativity, Curiosity, Eating, Fairness, Family, Fear, Friends, Fun, Generosity, Growing, Guidance, Happiness, Health, Independence, Kindness, Learning, Loyalty, Making mistakes, Making things, Moving, Obedience, Patience, Paying attention, Peace, Playing, Presents, Respect, Rest, Rules, Safety, Security, Sharing, Specialness, Sticking up for others, Stories, Talents, Teaching, Truth, Unique, Watching

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Author info

Helen Jaeger is a writer, consultant, journalist and professional creative project manager with a background in teaching. She is the author of fie inspirational titles (Lion Hudson, Scripture Union) and is a regular contributor to Woman Alive.


Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for RE

If you are looking for great practical ways of addressing the dispositions of the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for pupils in the early years, then this is a very moderately priced treasure trove! Fifty simply told Bible stories or verses, and associated activities are presented in separate chapters. In each case there is a practical opening activity that links with other areas of development, some talking together time, a story with a teaching point, and a reflection. Several stories or verses are well known, but used in a novel way, but others are less well featured in schools, such as King David taking care of the disabled son of his friend. Each chapter has the aim of encouraging the pupils to take on that characteristic for themselves. It is a great practical resource that illustrates interactive ways of using biblical material with pupils in the early years, and for a very modest price (GBP7.99!).

Jill Stolberg, RE Adviser Church of England Birmingham

From the Church Times

Simple to use and to understand, each lesson has a starter activity. The lessons are varied, and will clearly afford the children great enjoyment. As one would expect with a BRF imprint, the material is solidly biblical, but the themes are rooted in the everyday.

What is the biggest burden for primary-school teachers? Planning. Hey presto, Jaeger has done it for you - for a whole year, and for less than 10 pounds. Wonderful.

Dennis Richards

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  • ISBN: 9781841016146
  • Published: 23 January 2015
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 64
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