Core Skills Special Needs Module (PDF Download)

A Core Skills for Children's Work module

The Consultative Group on Ministry among Children

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The Core Skills training scheme seeks to resource all those who work with children in the church. This additional module builds on the skills developed in the original six modules of the published book.

Special Needs aims to help children's workers to:

  • Gain an overview of some of the difficult needs people may have
  • Develop an awareness of issues and difficulties faced by children with disabilities
  • Reflect upon current practice and working environments
  • Explore ways to enable a child to participate fully in activities

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Author info

Core Skills for Children's Work is devised and developed by members of the Consultative Group on Ministry among Children (CGMC). All material has been piloted by a wide network of church traditions, drawn from Churches in Britain and Ireland.


"I congratulate the authors of CORE. They have produced an excellent piece of training for all those working with children to explore the issue of faith. Seeing children as equal partners and respecting their rights is central to this training and it gets my full support."
Professor Al Aynsley-Green, Children's Commissioner for England

From: The Church Times - 09 February 2007

If you're looking for help in your work as a church children's worker, Core Skills for Children's Work will provide valuable insights into child development, leadership skills and programme planning. It provides very high quality in-service training. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Dennis Richards.

From: Reform - November 2006

Working with children in our churches is both enjoyable and rewarding. As with all we do, we need to spend time developing the skills and awareness necessary, so that we can offer the best, for only the best will do. Core Skills is an easy to use resource to help us all do just that. It is attractively produced, and full of ideas and activities which will help all who use it to have a good time together, learn a great deal, develop their ideas and skills, and emerge with the confidence to work even more effectively with children.

Produced by The Consultative Group on Ministry among children, it replaces Kaleidoscope which has served us well for many years. There are six sessions outlined, which has been used as one offs, or as a series over a period of time. Produced ecumenically, the hope is that it will be used ecumenically, but of coarse this is not essential. The material is for the leader and there is plenty in each session to pick what is the best to help those involved. Continuing the apple theme of core, the various suggestions are marked with one, two or three apples, indicating the time each piece would take, and the depth of the session. Also there is a developing website with additional resources. Biblical and worship material are also included.

After an introductory session, there are sessions on Child Development; Leadership Skills; Programme planning; Children and community; Pastoral Awareness; and Spirituality in the Bible. The book includes much material that can be photocopied, and it is all very accessible. Participants who wish to create a portfolio with evidence of learning, and there is full guidance on how to use this.

All in all, a very attractive publication which is easy to use by any church or group of churches. Participants will find it very helpful and enjoyable, and will discover much to help them in their own personal development, as well as for their work with children. I congratulate those who have worked hard to produce it and commends its use. CORE has the potential to revitalise work with children- and our churches!

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  • ISBN: 9781841016030Z
  • Published: 21 March 2008
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  • Format: PDF
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