Creative Ideas for Quiet Corners

14 visual prayer ideas for quiet moments with children

Lynn Chambers

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It can be difficult to help young children find the space for personal prayer in their lives, between school and friends and church. It helps to show them that prayer doesn't just have to be for Sunday school, or when they're tucked up in bed.

Creative Ideas for Quiet Corners is designed to encourage children to find space for prayer by creating a physical prayer space in the home or at church that children can visit and enjoy. Each prayer idea uses simple but effective materials to create a quiet, reflective corner. The book also offers practical support to parents and leaders, so they can help children to move at their own pace into a sense of quietness and prayer. The foreword is written by Karen Bulley, Moderator of CGMC and Pilots Development Officer for URC.

Creative Ideas for Quiet Corners is ideal for children aged 6-10. It is also suitable for children's workers and can be used with special needs children. Churches who have used Godly Play may find this book useful. Equally, it can be used by adults looking for a focus for creativity and prayer.

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Author info

Lynn Chambers has over 20 years experience of working with children through teaching, in holiday clubs and Sunday schools. Lynn was Diocesan Children's Officer for St David's Diocese from 2001-2006 and is now a non-stipendiary curate in Carmarthen. She is joint author of Play and Pray through Lent and Play and Pray through Advent.


From The Good Bookstall - August 2010

In this busy world, it's often difficult to find space to come into the presence of God, to listen and to be still. If you are keen to explore prayer together as a family, but just not sure where to begin, then this book is a super resource to be able to dip into. With idea titles like 'Saying thank you', 'Praying for others' and 'Running the race', the book encourages you to create a physical prayer space in your own home that can be enjoyed by all. Each of the 14 visual prayer ideas are broken down clearly and practically into bite size chunks. I especially enjoyed the 'Living the journey' section, which provided further activities to try 'out and about'. A great book and so much more than a traditional, 'hands together and eyes closed' view of praying.

Reviewed by Wendy Downey

From: Retreats - 2010

How do children worship? How can they be still enough? Here is a resource involving short acts of worship centred on themes such as thanksgiving, the cross and praying for others using a multi-sensory biblical approach. There are attention-grabbing ideas to focus children's energies into listening and responding appropriately. Each idea begins by creating a display using fabric, pictures and texts and the children are guided by suggested scripts, finishing with a short prayer. I could see this being used at home with families, in children's clubs or Sunday Schools or as part of Sunday worship.

Reviewed by Sheila Simpson

From The Church Times - May 2009

Lynn Chambers' Creative Ideas for Quiet Corners is subtitled '14 visual prayer ideas for quiet moments with children', but her suggestions need not be confined to under-18s. She aims to show how multi-sensory niches in churches, schools, the home, or elsewhere, can be places of discovery, and help draw people into prayer.

She gives recipes, with photographs, for 14 specific corners, although I am sure that, once tried, these will spark the imagination of those creating them, and lead to many more ideas. Her prayer areas include Bibles, poems, things to touch and hold and taste, pictures, candles, craft materials, and more.

Book details

  • ISBN: 9781841015460
  • Published: 21 November 2008
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 112
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