Parable Fun For Little Ones

10 sessions of pick-and-mix stories and activities for under-fives

Renita Boyle

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A flexible and fun-filled exploration of Jesus' parables for use with under fives at toddler groups, playschool and preschool classes.

The book contains a wealth of teaching ideas using a relational and playful approach. Each of the session has ideas for:

  • stories (and how to tell them)

  • songs and finger rhymes

  • crafts and games

  • role play

  • snack ideas

  • prayer activities

  • Bible verses with actions

For continuity, there are also family fun activities to do at home.

'Ten sessions with several different ways of telling each story. Some excellent ideas for foundation pupils and although designed for pre-schoolers it could well work with less able year 1 pupils. Plenty of practical ideas.'
- Stapleford Centre Resources and Courses, Autumn 2008

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Author info

Renita Boyle gained a BA (Hons) in Theology focusing her thesis on child sexual exploitation. She is a former and founding editor of Viva Network's Children at Risk magazine. Renita is co-author of BRF's Understanding Compassion, which was published in partnership with Compassion UK. She is an experienced children's worker and storyteller. Renita is married to Eric and they have one young son, Jude.


From The Church Times - September 2008

Resources for under-fives are fewer than those for older children, and Parable Fun for Little Onesis a good concept - making accessible for small children the wonderful stories Jesus told. Each of the ten parables used is backed up with a bank of quick and easy activities and games to help the children think about the parable.

Reviewed by Ronni Lamont

'I've just finished reading Parable Fun from cover to cover. What a fabulous resource to support RE lessons for my students with additional support needs! It is crammed full of sensory ideas relevant to them all, for example, the Story Sack.

'The layout of each chapter appeals to my teacher's planning instinct, with the biblical aim clearly stated at the beginning and content and activities following on. I particularly like the 'Rhyme Time' sections as my students do respond to the sound of rhyming words and the rhythm of verse. The 'Prayer Pocket' for each story is also great with lots of ideas to develop simple prayer with them.

'Well done Renita! Can I suggest some sequels. How about 'Old Testament Fun' or 'Christmas Fun' !!'
Katie Leitch, Campsie View School, Lenzie, Glasgow

From 'Blethers' (Newsletter of the Scottish Storytelling Centre and Network) - April 2008.

Parable Fun for Little Ones - a fresh attractive resource for Christian education with the under fives. Renita Boyle provides 10 sessions of pick and mix stories and activities, including rhymes and actions. You can also link in with a back-up website on the Parable Fun website at Sunday School never used to be so much fun.

'I have just been sitting in a sun beam preparing for Sunday School. I am so excited - you have given me so many wonderful ideas to try, and all appealing to me. It is a delight to have so much material to work with! Parable Fun is not just a resource, it is a gift! Off to get some of my broad bean plants from the green house, and some seeds - guess which Parable I am doing!'
Celia Burns, Sunday School Teacher

'I have never really tried this kind of storytelling before. I was amazed at how something so simple could be so effective! The kids were absolutely mesmerized!'
Jen Barge, All Age Sunday School

It's a very long time since I taught in Sunday school, but I wish I had had Renita's book then. How much easier my life would have been and the children's experience of Sunday school would have been so much more fulfilling, enriching and fun.

The book, aimed at the teachers, parents and carers of very young children, takes ten of the parables of Jesus and examines a variety of imaginative ways to explain and underline the message within the story. Each chapter uses the same extension activities, providing repetition and familiarity for the children and useful ideas for the parent or teacher. When all the parables have been used, the ideas can be transferred to other stories, both Bible and non-Bible. The book also contains many photocopyable pages of poems, sheets to take home, activity sheets, name badges, puppet shapes and colour-ins.

This book is a fantastic resource for anyone working with young children. Read it, but more importantly, use it - tell the stories, lead the activities and then be inspired to carry on and find your own stories and ways to make them as much fun as Renita has.
Bea Ferguson, Professional Storyteller, Edinburgh

From: The Methodist Recorder - 13 December 2007 Pre-school children are offered Parable Fun for Little Ones by Barnabas, another example of the publisher's meticulous preparation of material to ensure stress-free preparation by the group leader and easily-absorbed information (camouflaged by enjoyment) for group members. Ten of Jesus' parables are explored through media which include storytelling, songs, crafts and follow-up family activities to do at home. The intriguing list of story-telling aids contains items such as a 'Pat-a-pet' soft toy character, ideas for a 'tickle trunk' dressing-up box and a 'memory time' action Bible verse as well as the customary photocopiable sheets and templates. Reviewed 13 December 2007

'Every pre-school teacher needs this book! Everything is produced in a beautiful, thoughtful and easy to use package. It is brilliant!' Heather Bestel, Educational Psychotherapist

'Renita is a remarkable storyteller. A powerball of imagination and inventiveness, who can keep a young audience spellbound, hanging on her every word - or have older listeners rolling in the aisles only to wake up the next morning still thinking about the tale she told. That is a great gift.' Norman Stone, TV Producer

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  • ISBN: 9781841014913
  • Published: 21 September 2007
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 96
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