The Fourfold Leadership of Jesus

Andrew Watson

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The most refreshing and illuminating leadership book I have read in years.
J John


'Don't follow me. Follow Jesus!' runs a popular slogan. Yet the apostle Paul wrote, 'Follow my example, as I follow Christ.' Can we hope to echo Paul's words, or should we always be pointing away from ourselves to Christ?

This book considers four of Jesus' commands to his disciples as the basis for four models of leadership in the church which may be appropriate in different seasons of ministry:
come (a pastoral approach),
follow (inspiring by example),
wait (faithful in obedience),
go (evangelistic and mission-focused).

Above all, Andrew Watson concludes that developing individual character and discipleship is an essential aspect of leadership in the church. View items in similar categories


The most refreshing and illuminating leadership book I have read in years.
J John

These are days when the Church needs leaders who know Jesus and seek to lead like him. Andrew Watson is one such man. Drawing on his experience of leading a growing church, this book is packed with wisdom, good advice, and sound biblical principle. It will change and inspire.
Mark Russell, Chief Executive, Church Army

Leadership is complex - ask any leader. Simplistic advice is rarely true or helpful. That's why this book is so valuable. Andrew Watson offers clear biblical reflection to inspire and encourage leaders to lead more like Jesus.
James Lawrence, Director of the CPAS Arrow Leadership Programme

Author info

Andrew Watson has been vicar of St. Stephen's, East Twickenham, since 1996 and has helped pioneer three church plants in that time. He is involved with the New Wine networks, and is a member of the Church of England's General Synod and Council of Mission and Ministry. He regularly speaks at church conferences in the UK and abroad on issues relating to leadership.


From: The Good Bookstall - March 2009

In this readable, well thought-out book Andrew Watson offers wise, practical advice to leaders, encouraging them to lead like Jesus. Jesus called his disciples to come, to follow, to wait and to go, and the book's basis is that each of these commands represents a different aspect of the call to discipleship. The author also believes that leadership and discipleship are so closely related as to be virtually indistinguishable from one another. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become more like Jesus.

Reviewed by Jackie Rowe

From The NEWSpaper (Hereford Diocese) - Winter 2008

Over the last 15 years the Diocese of Hereford has done a considerable amount of work on developing the ministry of all believers. As more people have engaged with the mission imperative of the church and are active in ministry the Diocese has recognised the need to enhance the leadership skills of the Clergy.

There are many models of leadership out there and Andrew Watson, in his well written and easy to read book, has chosen to concentrate on an analysis of the leadership model of Jesus. It is a fascinating read filled with insight. It challenges the exhausting activist models of leadership that are so often presented in the secular world. Andrew Watson points the reader to the nature of the undergirding spirituality which shapes the model of leadership adopted by Jesus.

Andrew Watson has recently been appointed as Bishop of Aston and will be moving from the Church he has led for the last 12 years - a church which has grown from 300 to 1000 under his leadership. His study of Jesus' leadership has been lived out in the busy activist world of parish ministry and so it makes a very credible read.

Reviewed by Graham Sykes

From: The Methodist Recorder 6 March 2008

Anglican vicar of a Twickenham church Andrew Watson speaks at conferences in the UK and abroad on issues relating to leadership: he has distilled his message into print with The Fourfold Leadership of Jesus . The book's four parts relate to the calls of Jesus to Come to me - starting with Accessible leadership; Follow me - examining Inspirational leadership; Wait for me - describing long-term leadership; and Go for me - multiplying leadership, which deals with misleadership as well as responding to the missionary challenge. His range of references is wide and helpfully detailed - from second century Pliny to a 21st century community health and development society in the slums of Delhi - and he writes from the experience of pioneering three church plants and as a member of the Church of England's Council for Mission and Ministry.

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  • ISBN: 9781841014357
  • Published: 20 June 2014
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 192
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