Building the Body

Transforming relationships in the local church

Pamela Evans

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The Body of Christ - the Church - needs to be fully functioning in order to reach out in his name to a lost and fragmented world. New Testament letters sent to young churches exhorted ordinary members to love, admonish and teach one another, and generally build each other up.

How can we today share in 'building the Body'? Spiritual directors, counsellors and mentors have their place, but the Bible urges all believers to develop relationships of mutual encouragement and healthy interdependence, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In Driven Beyond the Call of God (BRF 1999), Pamela Evans described how Christian growth could be stunted by unhealthy ways of 'doing church'. This book explores positive aspects of church life and shows how every member has a role in developing true fellowship and real community. As a result, the Body of Christ is strengthened, individuals within it are nourished and grow to spiritual maturity, and God's kingdom is extended.

Summary of contents

1. Normal Body Life

2. Together in Fellowship

3. Loved and Loving

4. Encouraging and Comforting

5. Serving and Building Up

6. Moving on Together

7. We Who Are Many Are One Body

Appendix: how to develop listening skills

Studies: group study material, looking at particular relationships in the Bible and what they can teach us about relating to one another; practical exercises to develop listening skills and other skills referred to in the book.


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Author info

Dr Pamela Evans enjoys encouraging others in their spiritual journey through teaching and walking alongside. Her experiences as a former counsellor and eldership team member, and as a spiritual director, contribute to her understanding of the joys and pains of church leaders and members.


This is a thoroughly biblical book. Driven by Scripture with one very active eye on the culture of Britain today (both individualistic and post-modern aspects) I think that it achieves a difficult balance. It is both uncompromising about the necessity of developing a healthy Body of Christ, yet realistic about human peculiarity and limitation. I would have no problem recommending Building the Body
Sue Sainsbury, Evangelicals Now August 2002

The book provides a wide range of thought- provoking and challenging material...Pamela Evans believes that what the Apostle Paul says about relationships in the church (1 Cor 12:14-26) has been underemphasized in favour of his doctrinal teaching. This book is her attempt to redress the balance. There is much in this book to which readers will want to return again and again. I thoroughly recommend it.
Wallace B Hamilton, Candle and Keyboard August 2002

Pamela Evans has written a helpful book for all those involved in Pastoral work. Promoting the ministry of encouragement, and 'the priesthood of all believing carers', she gives us guidance and tools for stimulating and promoting real, solid spiritual growth.
Accord Summer 2002

Pamela Evans' book is both thought provoking and helpful. It's greatest strength is that it is real and grounded in daily life and practical examples. It sets out practical ways in which community can be formed and strengthened, and answers realistically some of the problems that can arise. It highlights the importance of being able to listen to one another if true fellowship is to grow.
Eric Harmer, Christian Herald July 2002

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  • ISBN: 9781841011936
  • Published: 15 March 2002
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 192
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