Step into the Story

20 story and activity sessions for creative learning

Margaret Spivey and Anna Jean

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Every generation needs a fresh introduction to Jesus, through the history he knew, the stories he heard as a child and the stories he told as an adult.

By imaginative use of the five senses, this book enables children to experience something of the scriptures which informed Jesus' own life and gives fascinating insight into the festivals he celebrated with his family and friends. The child is invited to smell the stew that Jacob made, taste the fruits that Jesus ate, hear the stories he told and sing the songs his people sang.

The first section of the book looks at the roots of Christianity, linking the story of the Old Testament to ten festivals celebrated by the people of God. The second section contains ten stories that Jesus told. Each of the twenty sessions includes a wealth of ideas for games, activities, thought-provoking discussion and prayer.

The book has been designed especially for teachers and leaders of children's work for use in school assemblies, RE in the classroom, all-age worship and church-based children's groups. It provides stepping-stones to a clearer understanding of our rich Christian heritage and a deeper awareness of Jesus, the man of his time, of our time - and of the future.


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Author info

Margaret Spivey is the author of The Amazing Book of John and The Amazing Book of Joseph. She contributes regularly to Scripture Union's SALT programme, as well as having produced a series for Together with Children and contributed to Woman Alive and Challenge Magazine. Anna Jean is a storyteller and dramatist with a love of using the Bible with children of all ages. She was a regular contributor to BBC Radio Derby's Morning Thoughts. With three young children of her own, she involves children in the Bible through her work, both in her local schools and in the local church. She is author of The Amazing Book of Daniel.


From Worcester diocese children's work newsletter (Sept 2003) This book, by Margaret Spivey and Anna Jean could be used in school worship, RE, all age worship and church children's groups. Aimed at 6 - 12 year olds it focuses on 20 Bible stories. 10 of these are from the Old Testament and help children to explore and appreciate the stories which Jesus would have heard as a child and understand how Jewish traditions and festivals have helped to shape the Christian faith. The other 10 are stories which Jesus himself told. The book really encourages children to step right into each story or festival and to use their senses to bring a fresh awareness of what it would be like. All 5 senses are used as children can make carrot tzimmes to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, use touch and sound to commemorate Shavout, use their ears to understand the parable of the Friend at Midnight and much much more. Each story also comes with ideas for prayer and reflection. A really excellent resource packed full with useable and relevant ideas. From Methodist Recorder May 22 2003 A collection of 20 "story and activity sessions for creative learning" are gathered together in Step into the Story by Margaret Spivey and Anna Jean. Designed for teachers and leaders working with the 6-11 age group, whether in school assemblies, the classroom, all-age worship or church-based groups, the book aims to give children the experience of entering, first into Jesus' world through the Jewish festivals with which he would have grown up (Section one: Step into the roots of Christianity) and second, the parables Jesus told (Section Two: Step into the stories of Jesus). There is a clear time-chart and a calendar of events, both Jewish and Christian, together with suggestions for using the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste - thus lots of preparation for group leaders! This is all most worthwhile, however, perhaps especially so in bringing to life the festivals Jesus would have known. A valuable tool. From Star News April 2003 The stories that Jesus grew up with, the stories from the Jewish Scriptures, are the roots of Christianity. Getting to know them helps us develop a clearer understanding of our Christian heritage. The first part of this new book from BRF links the story of the Old Testament to 10 Jewish festivals, including Yom Kippur, Sukkoth, Passover and Hanukkah. The second part contains ten of the stories that Jesus told. Each section is filled with ideas for prayer, craft, recipes, activities and reflection, using all five senses. They bring alive the festivals and stories and are a great way of discovering links between Old and New Testaments. There's so much material in this book that it's well worth the price! It could be used with church groups, school RE, or as the basis for a fund-day or church social activity.

Book details

  • ISBN: 9781841010021
  • Published: 17 January 2003
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 176
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