Where in the World (PDF download)

An RE and assembly resource on the worldwide Christian church

Martyn Payne, Chris Hudson, Jane Butcher

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Where in the World? is a global Christianity resource for primary school teachers. It is an accredited resource to support the Understanding Christianity project, providing background information and teaching material for RE and a number of cross-curricular subjects.

Content includes:

  • The growth of the worldwide Christian church
  • A journey story focusing on churches in seven different countries, including Israel-Palestine, Uganda, South Sudan and South Africa, as well as European countries
  • A further section that focuses on ten additional countries, including Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Argentina, Spain and Russia
  • Background information about the Christian faith in each of the countries visited
  • Information about the significance of the sacraments of baptism and communion and how they are celebrated around the world
  • A helpful glossary of terms
  • An outline of links to support the Understanding Christianity framework
  • Web material to download at barnabasinschools.org.uk/whereintheworld

An overview of the book

The material in this book is to enable schools to explore the worldwide Christian faith, offering insight into this vibrant area of RE. Exploring the Christian faith in different countries and cultures is part of the SIAMS framework for inspection 2018.

This resource enables schools to develop this area through collective worship as well as directly through subject areas.

With so much that could be shared, there is always the danger of falling into superficiality and of presenting unfair stereotypes when opening windows into the worldwide church. Every possible effort has been made to avoid this, while recognising that at the same time teachers will not want to overburden lesson material with too many caveats and footnotes. The book is intended as a resource to draw on, which will enhance both the teacher's own knowledge and provide a wider canvas of perspective and interest for the topic that children will enjoy exploring.

There is a unifying and important story to share with children about the essentials of the Christian faith and how those are worked out in the lives of people on another continent and within a society that is very different from our own. This resource aims to bring this global dimension to teaching about and learning from Christianity.

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Author info

Martyn Payne worked for The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) for 15 years. Formerly he taught languages and RE for 18 years at secondary level and then worked for eight years in churches and primary schools nationally as the children's work coordinator for the Church Mission Society. Martyn has written a wide range of books for churches and schools, including A-Cross the World, The People's Bible, Creative Ways to Tell a Bible Story and Messy Parables. Jane Butcher and Chris Hudson are on BRF's Barnabas in Schools team. They are experienced teachers and trainers and both have authored multiple books on education and children's and family ministry.


From REtoday - Spring 2013

Where in the World? is a book with great potential! Between its covers, are pages of information and inspiration supporting the teaching of Christianity. It contains material for assemblies and leading worship in primary schools. There is clarity in the content, text and layout.

Throughout the book, as you would expect from an RE resource, there are questions and discussion starters. The following questions might help you decide if this is a book for you: Is the teaching of Christianity, as a worldwide religion, taught with confidence in your school? In your teaching of Christianity, do you look for guidance, facts and background information? Do you need a resource which provides ideas to engage your pupils and enhance learning in RE?

If the answer to any or all is 'Yes', then this handbook is for you, for the staffroom and professional development! It is packed with practical activities and advice, clearly explaining Christianity in terms of core beliefs and practice, as a worldwide faith, in a global context. It will deepen understanding, offering a wide variety of cross-curricular learning experiences and strategies, easily adapted for different age-groups and abilities.

Through the eyes of a migrating swallow named Sparkle and photographs on the Barnabas' website, the story unfolds of a culturally diverse faith found in seven countries. Churches become Sparkle's stop-overs, from Britain to Austria to South Africa, via Romania, Israel, Sudan and Uganda. There are stories, songs, poems and prayers; from different people, places, times and traditions. There are many references and internet links and a useful list of worldwide festivals and anniversaries. There is a five week scheme of work - but there is much more to use, choose and make your own.

Excellent value for money and highly recommended! I know more about Christianity worldwide and have new things to do and share in RE and collective worship. I'm also buying myself a cuddly 'Sparkle', as suggested! A useful resource.

From Church Times - 21 September 2012

As ever, assembly takers across the land will be grateful for the chance to add more volumes to the already groaning assembly shelf. New ideas are always welcome when the responsibilty is daily for 39 weeks. Where in the World?, by Martin Payne, has material both for the classroom and collective worship. The migration of swallows at the end of summer has always been a thing of wonder: the author skilfully uses this annual miracle to explore the Christian faith through the eyes of the world-wide church. From somewhere to everywhere is its engaging sub-theme. An ideal resource for both RE and worship in the autumn term.

Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857468802
  • Published: 19 October 2018
  • Status:
  • Format: PDF Download
  • Pages: 72
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