Prayer in the Making

Trying it, talking it, sustaining it

Lyndall Bywater

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From the author of Faith in the Making

Books on prayer can so often make us feel challenged but guilty. Not this one! Prayer in the Making is a book for everyone wanting to pray more confidently. Because we are all different, we need to find the prayer life that fits with who God made us to be. Lyndall Bywater explores twelve different types of prayer, helping us to find the ones which best suit us and our lifestyles. She certainly challenges us, but leaves us ready to talk confidently with God.


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Author info

Lyndall Bywater is a freelance speaker and writer, specialising in the subject of prayer. Having worked for ten years as The Salvation Army's UK prayer coordinator, she is now part of Connecting the Isles and works with the Europe team of 24-7 Prayer. She also heads up Canterbury Boiler Room, an interdenominational prayer community, and contributes to BRF's Day by Day with God Bible reading notes. She is married to Phil.


Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857468017
  • Published: 18 January 2019
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 160
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